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Only if I had to. But, I'd never admit to it anyway.

Gentlemans Welcome back to the shop at being pretty near the summer I Figured I could uh, jump on thanks, get baby doll, some stocky stuffers. Desperation being a red hot smoking stepsister of necessity and as the Dewclaw says at 3am, my mouth is a mouth. We got the fart heart here from the Wally Wally World We're gonna see if she's any good at all. No.

I don't judge coming from the side of town with the stripper pole is made of a ABS sewer pipe. The Sam Waltons high fructose corn syrup and discount tool Emporium doesn't exactly tongue tangulate the cockles of my taint, but sometimes a cheap tool is all. Wait a second stop the clock. taking a Milligan Go ahead and start the clock now.

Proper fixturing is essential for getting that factory finish. hello Husqvarna oh you piece it the is wrong with you now the electronical Chain Break was on I'm hitting something hard I think that'll do Come Go reverse foreign Castellano rather they don't don't wanna Miss pronoun anything I Saw a fashion show like that one. It wasn't for me but I might be young fellas watching so we got to treat these with the proper etiquette. Foreign.

Next thing you know, you're admonishing guys for taking off their safety glasses to wipe the sweat from them. You know the type. Prudence Where are you two? Always the case. Never around when you need her, but you're just about to burn down a four ton nugget out of the back and there she is with the job.

Hazard Assessments What the hell yo? What happened there? Oh never mind. it was like that when I found it night shift. you know the drill. Apart from a little shipping damage, feels decent in the hand.

A lot of butylene over molding. interesting on the terminals. They're texturized for her pleasure in order. You get some of that green death on there when you slide it in.

that'll knock all that corrosion right off. That's kind of a neat feature. She's a little bit janky if you have a look at that. And the Chuck ain't the best.

It's uh, unlocked brand. at least they ain't lying. Nice big lazy motor. The flux ring on it.

big thick steel flux ring. almost two are a little brain. boxery. terminal strips, gobs of solder.

all the things you'd expect in a modern day tool. Yeah, they got some solastic on these little tiny sense wires. I Assume that's battery management goes into the brain boxery to a Molex connector and then some more fixation with Silastic a couple tiny little mosfets just in a half. Bridge Running a forward reverse unless it's done, might just be done here.

and these are paralleled in order. might be done in the switch and it's they're paralleled in order to have the amp acidy. Now here's something I Don't care for on the negative lead into the battery. What carries all the angry? Pixies We got a hang badang, a fly away lead, and the logarithmic casing of the switch.

You can see we have a flyback diode. This allows the collapsing magnetic field of the motor. rather than spiking the voltage and frying things over time. it just peacefully goes through the wrong direction of the diode in order to, yeah, reduce that big voltage.

Spike When you're giving her and you let off the trigger, well, this is very strange. but you know, whatever. Jingles your Jangles Obviously an accountant got involved here because an engineered wouldn't do this. Look, there's no affixation for the front of the drill.

so you're down on the shaft. You're giving her all she's worth. All she'll suffer in the gland end, we've wobbling in the breeze. It doesn't seem to be a good way to have a happy ending.

Probably give a bit of a left-hand twist to her. You see that. No screws at all. 18 volts.

just a factory. Jelly Bean is buy from the usual scumbags a sticker on there into a nylon gear casing. Didn't splurge on any colorization for that Pa66 and what you'd typically find in every drill. A Planetary gear Set Double reduction.

With the gear shifting on the outside ring gear, you have the gear sets stack up. We can see we go from high speed low torque as we work through the ratios into lower speed high torque on account that's quite a bit larger than the inside, so it can take quite a bit more torque. These are all metal injection molded parts except for that ring gear. what changes the velocity? Tad it is nylon.

Then we got the clutch in the usual way with the detents and the balls going over a ramp a little bit mushy, kind of what you'd expect. The Chuck itself is pretty scabby. got metal injection molded jaws and you can see the sprue lines of the mold. Lines been ground off just with a well.

Looks like they've been ground off by a dull apprentice and we'll get this back together tested out I Really don't care for the no this gland flopping in the breeze. That's a deal breaker for me, but we'll test it for the price of it. The Combo Kit 129 kanaki stand cold packs with the one Bataria I saw at the Homeless Death Spot. You could buy the Dewilt name brand you know Prosumer created a tool with two batteries and a proper charger 169.

you know, 40 bucks in the difference I'll show you this, but we couldn't get it back together so I had to take a report. There's the clutch, the balls and huh for the hay like so the ball's got to go up and over in order to uh d clutch. we are going to have the Trust In The Miraculous Healing Powers of the Healing Bench I'm missing some parts I dropped somewhere and I'm sure they'll turn up at some point. The thing is about these: I'm sure they'll drill a perfectly serviceable hole.

however. I Kind of like a little bit of style in my tools. I'm a two I like tools I like tools. so when you get one, it doesn't even have a fastenerative or fix it.

You know? Yeah, Come on, come on. You know you'd be reefing on this and it'd be going all sidewards on you looking like a old limp dick. Speaking of which, when a tool is just too big, you got a call for another tequila shot. But why is this a bloody long look at the size of hero? You know you're going to be banging the sides though.

The battery being realistically the most important component of the whole works. Well have a look at the cells inside. Ah, now the battery is markedly higher construction values. and Design then the tool itself.

We have a polycarbonate ABS Plastique Fr40 that's a fire resistant rating and polycarbonate is a very tough impact resistant. That's what your safety Squints are made of I mean the plastic ones, not the built-in ones. Lithium cells themselves Icr 18650 15p I Have to assume that that's 100 and or a 1500 milliamp hours. Yep, 1.5 ampere hours I Get the feeling of Mr Walmart ain't making these in this basement? Well, it's a sorry cutting up a supplier somewhere and I would assume you get the same exact thing off the basal Mart hot and ready in your lap.

He even got the smell of offshore Smell of Shrimp ramen packets as a bonus and you likely get it cheaper. So unless you find these on a scream and sale, there's no real cost benefit to buying them. If you're looking for that cheap yet. Fair to Midland grade A Tool I'd be looking at you know, the kind of Ryobi or an on sale DeWalt or on sale lower grade Milwaukee you know kind of a name Brandy kind of thing.

Oh My. God. I've been charging this battery since I've been doing the teardown. It's been charging my own an hour.

and furthermore, there's no battery indicator on here you don't know the state of her Chooch the slow charge. That's a total deal breaker. Spanks for watching. Keep your dick in a voice.

By AvvE

13 thoughts on “Boltr hart tools from walmart”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars M Richner says:

    I love how AVE performs a Reverse Autopsie, part it out alive drops some parts and hope it still works when you put it back together.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew S says:

    I was looking at these tools the other day in wallyworl. Wondered what the hell 120 Canada Loon coins would get me.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hall Mossman says:

    3am 😂😂😂

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesse S says:

    Drunken AvE is my hero

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DonkeyHotie says:

    Before Covid, I worked with a small group of young design engineers who watched these videos religiously. AvE videos were often the topic of daily discussion. As they explained: this was the practical application of engineering they didn't get in school. Thank you for continuing.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesse Parrish says:

    11 minutes on a Wal-Mart generic to tell us it's what you'd expect.

    I'm OK with it.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SovL:Remedy says:

    Haha, maybe you should test 1st then disassemble?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Grimaldi_Small_Engine_Perfomance says:

    He backkkkk

    Best video ever when u do them like this

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matthew Simmons says:

    Careful with that Husky, you might hit hartwood.
    These look perfect for picking up on special before a divorce. Half the tools? Go ahead. She can even have the new ones.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andy BoBandy says:

    Got a Hangly-Dangly, or as Clive called it, a Careless Whisker.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garrett Giuffre says:

    That's not a clamp… This this is a clamp

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Durango95 says:

    Meh, it doesn't matter all brands are made in chinka and or all components are, they're literally the same tools!

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Treen says:

    As a 200 pound gorilla, I feel left out without a honorable mention

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