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They fooled me again. Not hard to do; apparently.

Gentlemen's welcome back to the chapel riding high on the post christmas drop off the kids at grandmas. I love them to death, love them dearly, but start calling them by the french names. Eventually, the it's time for you to go to grandma's a public service announcement learn from my mistakes. Some people can learn vicariously.

Others like myself, got to learn viscerally the leatherman rev them dirty marketing wanks over at leatherman omni, evil. Corp dunn got me again. Fooled me again, as i said, i was riding high me and the wife having our usual annual date at the homeless desk spot. Looking at things, i saw this too good to be true, well partner, there's a three-way test.

I use in the mining industry. If it looks like if it smells like, if it tastes like it's, probably behold, the leatherman rev, i'm no sinister handed stranger to the leatherman, i bought oh a half dozen dozen of them at least, and the latest one i got was a gift and it's fan. Tastic s30v steel been daily carrying and haven't lost. Oh so i kind of saw this and thought.

Maybe i could take some of the parts and upgrade it it didn't occur to me that they made a lower market one. I despise that when somebody's got a quality product and then dumbs it down, cheapens it down and you go and buy it and you figure. Maybe it's just got fewer features: nah nah, it's garbage straight up garbage feels chintzy in the hand like one of them ones. You get from a sales at a you remember when they used to have these trade shows not anymore.

This one is great, but for impressing the ladies auxiliary not too many of these. I got number 14 of 100. These ones, you might as well throw it right in the bucket, so single fastener, already all loosey-goosey in the hips. Why are some fasteners, nice and shiny others dull? As there's another thing i got, ta show you here shockingly terrible.

I set to looking at the side. Cutters, if you'd focus you - and i noticed you - will too look at how crunchy those are i set to looking at it. There's a casting line in what these are metal injection, molded that is centered powder and then glued together, yeah kind of in a in an oven, not forged jaws, and they haven't even ground the cutting edges crusty. Worse still, the serrations are not cut into the jaw, but simply cast in dull as a bible scholar, what you do have access to here on the back side.

I do like this. The one thing i do like got a wire stripper down in here on your can opener single cut file seems like it's out of the same. That's still pretty hard, though i've never seen anything like this look at the scale there. You ever see an inch scale like that no numbers at all on a angulation worse than useless, and then you got a box opener on this, with the single grind, a little dewclaw trimmer of some sort.

None of these lock in place not a single one lock in place, so that i like to know where the tool is going to bite me and it knock knock, not not lock it in place all these gribblings - and this is all punch, pressed craptacular, stainless steel. I'm really disappointed in the overall fitment of this guy. Your screwdriver doesn't lock in place. Phillips number do and then a flat blade, screwdriver flat on the one side.

Pardon me one little bubble there. This thing do not buy garbage. I'm gon na show you the cutting edge here all right, finder, oh beautiful, oh there we go. I was gon na say: oh, you got to open it up to get yeah.

No, here's a hollow grind a cutting edge going into the cutting edge. Well, look at that hardy hole which you stick your mash, your bologna into gnarly. So that is the backside of the punch press process and it hasn't properly been deburred, not a very nice knife and entirely it locks in place kind of half ass. It's got a hell of a lot of weeble wobble to it.

This, as i say, if you're in the market for a cheap multi-tool, just go to a trade show or ask for one from a sleazy sales guy he'll give you a better out of the back of his pocket thanks for watching it's too bad, because i had Fond memories of leatherman keep your deck in a vice.

By AvvE

13 thoughts on “Boltr leatherman rev hot garbage”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Will Nevertell says:

    I have 4. Two are the super tool 300, surge, eod super tool 300, the drive bits and the ratcheting screwdriver extension use them daily and have sent 2 in for warranty and they sent me new ones. love the ones I have.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars D J says:

    I knew I was in good shape with the girlfiend's father when the second time we ventured up to the Soo to visit, he handed me a shiny new leatherman procured from the stores of Algoma Steel (Essar now) in the Soo.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars smellysam says:

    I had an original Wave, lasted 12 years until nicked from my luggage. In that time, it opened 100’s of 208L oil barrels, so got a new one, broke on the 7th or 8th… and you can’t weld that sintered stainless back together.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars D J says:

    That thing puts to shame the "Snap-on" one I got at Costco in a blister pack along with the world's dimmest flashlight and a couple of half decent 1" ratchet straps. I knew they would be cheap tools, I paid a cheap price but I was shocked how cheap they were considering the brand name that was on them. We are talking Power Fister cheap, not even Pro-Point.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adam Moore says:

    I used one of the revs for a while. I nicked the cutters on some high tension wire, and the clip broke off in a motorcycle accident. Yeah, the drivers and all don't lock and they bit me a few times. I have a leatherman signal now and I pretty well like it. Replaceable cutters are a must.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Franks Garage says:

    Leatherman, broke a screwdriver bit. Pricks wont sell me a new bit. Send it back and we fix. If we cant, will sell you next close one.
    The cases are garbage too. Not intended for daily use.
    Been carrying one for 20 years. Next one wont be this brand.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lazer Bear says:

    These used to sell for $20, and they were probably the best multitool at that price. But at that price, the only competition is the flimsy Gerber Dime and a whole host of craptacular no-name junk. Alright for occasional use, but it'll break if you use it regularly. The backsprings on the slipjoint tools crack off like hangnails, and since they're formed from the same sheet metal as the handles, they can't be replaced.

    I think it's been discontinued now, but by the end of its run they were charging $40 for them, absolute rip-off

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Marcum says:

    Metal Injection Molded pliers jaws, not the material I would want my multi tool to be made out of. It could be worse, you could have owned a Nissan truck or SUV several years back that had a Dana 44 rear end that Nissan had specked out to meet a price point. The rear end contained a MIM ring and pinion. The first rear ends to fail were the ones that towed trailers. Nissan took a beating on the recall. If Leatherman raised chickens, they would be selling chicken salad and chicken shatt. I have a Leatherman that was given to me as a gift, I have never carried it for that reason.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sven Rötters says:

    The price tag is usually the clue. Some tools are only worth buying, if you have the workshop to repair or modify it. 😉

    I bought my Wingman from home depot for under 20€. I had to fix the pliers and converted the box cutter into a small flat screwdriver. It came with a locking mechanism for all tools, so in that regard it's an upgrade from yours.

    i looked at the Leatherman homepage and the Wingman costs 69€ now. I had never had bought that thing for that price.
    My daily driver is a Leatherman Rebar, because it's compliant with the local weapon laws and it's nor to heavy on the belt. XD

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mazinblaster Z says:

    AvE, I have a brand new idea if you want to invest, or you can forge one yourself—
    A leatherman tool that is nothing but bottle openers!
    The handle itself is a huge bottle opener, and when you open it, it reveals an even bigger bottle opener. And in the handles there are multiple sizes of bottle openers all up in there.
    Every man must have multiples of this tool!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel Polák says:

    The cheap ones might be cheap but my wingman lasted me 13 years and is still in perfect working order. I only just recently upgraded to the free p4 because absolutely everything is accessible with one hand. Highly recommend. Both of ‘em.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! Skyler King says:

    Got a Leatherman Mut about 14 years ago. Still have it. Still use it. No issues at all, other than being dirty and a bit beat up looking. If it ever dies, I’ll likely just not even replace it. I also have an Aladdin Stanley thermos from the 70s. It actually maintains the temperature of my drinks better than my 2016 Stanley thermos (made in China). Apparently Carhartt quality has gone downhill, but I don’t own any of their new stuff so I can’t confirm. Either way, the modern trend of lower quality for a higher price is… I don’t know… too bad? Sad? Expected (unfortunately)?

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars cenc cenc says:

    In defense of crap Leathermans and their clones, those are the ones that tend to be there when you need it the most; while the hyperexpensive good ones are safely back home, still in the box, in a drawer, at the bottom of my closet because they are too nice to use everyday. Every year, someone in the family gives me one or two cheep Leatherman knockoffs (or swiss army knives) for xmas or my birthday. They suck, but the family members and friends mean well. so I throw them in to my the emergency kits in the cars. some on my boat. one in each of my toolboxes. bottom my day pack for hiking, etc.

    I once broke down in a friend's truck in the mountains of Guatemala at night. He did not have any tools. I remembered I had one of those cheap ones in the bottom my backpack. He was able to fix the transmission to get us out of there with it. Litterally saved our lives. who cares if it ever works again or breaks. It just needed to work once.

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