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El cheapo model from the Home Depot.

What's crackalackin blood? We're going to have a look at this here. Profit pronounced profit. it's the Cookie Thumper extraordinaire. What the wife loves.

she already got the one. Ten times the price. I Got more vices than a cardinal. However, my vices are all blue and say Kurt on the side I Don't judge but at the same time you gotta sore butt, you sore sore, whatever.

and you need, uh, some physiotherapy it's You know if you're in pain, it's not so humorous. The money you save on chipped teeth is enough to get you to look at. the cheaper version. this one was a mere 40 doll hairs kanaki Stan Kopeck's mind at the local homeless vespot.

come with a discreet black carry case, the regular round Cookie Thumper and also the cup and liquify model of the Dingus and got a flat and a precision for those hard to reach areas. If and you'll indulge me, gentlemen is start. El Claco. Somebody hit a stud.

Foreign. it's got a zipper YKK No doubt or cheap. Chinese Yum. Hmm.

Oh, time is better than the doorknob. A question current is not all it's cracked up to be. We'll get this on the charger and it just so happens the coffee's kicking in. so I'm gonna go speak to a man about a horse.

There's the receptacle tip which you regularly use with an open cell hydrometer foam that is stiff. Here's the volunteer remover. You see the knit lines in the ABS plastique? There we go. look at that.

That's where the plastic gets injected and then where it meets. Kind of cools off a little bit and it knits together so they're really whopping the production to these. You see the mold lines here a little bit rough, but what do you expect for cheap? Got a high uh, urethane bushing. this is the retention in the mechanism.

Here's the: Precision Ballistic Tip: Armor piercing I Would not want to get whacked without us just straight up ABS plastic. It's no attenuation on there whatsoever. That strikes me is yeah, it strikes me well. fool us again.

You know when you see it at The Bargain Bin and the homeless desk spot that it's going to be junk. but you hope against all. Oh, there we go. I Had just had to jiggle the wire.

This cable was not working so I swapped it out just to check with the white cable and it was working. But now it's working. Perfect right? Exactly what you'd expect. No, no, it's not working.

not working, working. not cabbage. All charged up. We got the proper amount of pixies in the battery.

That way when we conflagrate the terminals with the Ving we got a proper kaboom I Don't know how that got out of the garbage. Again, we're gonna take her a part for congruity and completeness. I ought to have measured how long it took to charge. However, I didn't do that.

We'll head over the next time and take these little plugs out. I Can safely assume there's some firsteners in there. Yep, looks like Phillips Number one I removed the four croptacular little screws. Uh, finger, There was a tab there.

However, it's not a tab, it's a Riser I Broke half and two. The fitment is terrible on this, as you can see the holes are angled off for these crappy little screws off the shelf screws and the receptacle for them is not angled off. You can see. or maybe you can't or maybe you can see that one went straight through the side.

Now we got the ubiquitous 608 bearing. Thank dog for roller blades I Don't know how any technological development progressed past 608 Zed Bearings without rollerblades I'm just going to give her a little shot. Quite a long conrod. All very simple retention with the grub screws threading themselves in the just tiny little pan head screws, built-in washer threading themselves into the plastique.

I Wasn't impressed with the proper the production model of this or the professional model. what was it called? What was that thing called grab my King Dick here and to a rescue fella? That handsome young band from Saskatchewan sent me a bunch, but they're presently holding something up. Work well as claps as well. Foreign might need to impact that off.

It appears to be working neat in night packs. We Trust Never Benedict pesky German K A A Run you're neither. little Lloyd motorbs out About what you'd expect. Lowest possible denominator: no noise suppression, no capacitor on the back side, just a brushed DC motor on the front side.

We got that shaft. It's a d shaft retained by a cap screw. A cap screw on that counterweight helps smooth out the to and fro motion. Keep the keep the torque spikes low on the motor and keep the thing chooching.

not really all that much to it. Not surprisingly, given it is built down to a cost. I Think probably the most expensive part of this is going to be the battery and this fine satin filmy feeling. This is the Chute shaft and this is what you see.

So they made it out of metal. You can see it's already wearing through its nitride coating. Correction: Pardon me anodizing, It's Aloo minimum, not Steel and now it's gone. It is interesting to take apart these lower grade tools and kind of seeing how far low down the totem pole they can make it and still have it.

I have some semblance of working. Okay, so that's the charging module there. Oh, and the the tactile on. there'd be some tiny little mosfets in there.

the 218 650 cells in there pre-familulating it on monolithic heat shrink plastique with some fish tape on the back side protecting the capped on tape which is protecting the balance charging circuit when I Nick that cable? Really not much to it. Very low bill of materials count. Bomb count as a call out. Nothing too crusty though.

It's surprisingly for the cost of it versus the professional model. What was that thing called? You know if you could get this on a sale with a coupon, this would be a good organ donor. You got the battery, you got the controller, you got the charger, you got the motorb, you got the speed thingus some good components to harvest out of this thing. We got our back together half a turn for Let the Smoke Out or us got about a quarter inch of throw, which the professional or model I think about had about a half an inch.

We'll see how hard it slows down quite a bit, but still. uh. I'm not sure if that has enough oomph to really do it. I'll give it a try.

Whoa. That is an interesting shutter roll camera effect. My fingers are actually flopping all over the place, but essentially useless. Not enough torque.

we'll increase. there we go. Oh, that's better. but uh, that doesn't work too bad.

One of the things I do like is that it doesn't have a display wasting your time with the display. I Don't like that you got to cycle through all the modes I think that on off. You know you're just gonna give her a walk. Who's yeah? who's kidding who? We had a huge dump of powder.

Best ski day all season! So I am a little bit sore and this actually is helping Surprisingly I mean realistically, how much does a Happy Ending cost yet? your regular spot s for watching. Keep your dick in a vice.

By AvvE

12 thoughts on “Boltr: personnel massager”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars robb benedict says:

    I don't remember a smurf named Kurt…

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mark Przekurat says:

    I found the sawzall portion of the show mildly erotic…. please don't judge… 🙂

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Moto Medics says:

    If yav got an impact hammer dealy the tips for the expensive brand fit right on the 1/4 in chuck eh

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Weston Anderson says:

    I was hoping you would have just cut through the table, jammed the blade and then removed the sawsmost from it.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Weston Anderson says:

    That’s your new intro

    Use every time pls

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RoninWorx says:

    I watched this strictly because I saw “cookie thumper” in the captions as I scrolled by. Thank you sir for your work !!!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Neato Electro says:

    Now that's the pile of dirt I remember. sooooothing.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars captainmidnite17 says:

    Yo! I just presented my fiancé with her rig plugged into an over voltage capable variac and let her rip. Love at first twist of the Knob. Slight burning smell after a bit but of no distraction…

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars foompthedroid says:

    That was a super position cable. It was both charging and not charging. It only displayed one of the two states when you checked it.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RayZ fox says:

    Open cell foam seems like it would hold germs.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Steele says:

    I paid 15 bucks for one like that at big lots

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ITSFISHIMITSUBISHI says:

    Thanks AvE for another Vid-jay-oh. One of my most favourite channels on the U-Tubes. Love your humour, insight and hilarious campfire philosophy rants. Can't wait for another "Cave Man TV" or "Ask Uncle BumbleFark" episode.

    Just thought I'd point out that I couldn't see any balance charging on that battery. I mean it wasn't clear as I couldn't see the connection of the PCB under the Kapton tape to the actual 18650 cells. I would suspect the PCB on on the battery is just a simple protective circuit that does over voltage and under voltage cut off and possibly over currect/short circuit cut off too. A balance charge PCB for 2 Li-ion cells in series would have to have 3 wires connected to 2 cells and resistors that get very hot so probably it wouldn't be mounted right on the end of the battery if it's balance charge. Hopefully it's just 2 cells in parallel so it only needs a protective circuit as it probably is. Just thought I'd mention that in the last couple of years a couple of tools I've torn down actually had Li-ion cells in series with only 2 wires connected to them, a protective circuit and no balance charging. It's worth checking as these circuits I've tested seem to allow one cell that is out of balance to over charge to 4.3V or slightly more before cutting out and then the other cells to not fully charge (when they are out of balance). The more unbalanced cell packs age with more usage, the more they get out of balance leaving cells more undercharged and one over charged. The fix I've found for these two tools with that craptacular circuit design is to either solder a cheap ebay balance board that has 3 wires connected to the 2 cells, although it needs a fair bit of extra space, an extra heat sink in the resistors and a low current (1A) or less 5V USB wall wort as 2A is too much and the balance board resistors over heats and can't keep up when bleeding off the over charged cell. Or the other solution in a small space I've done is solder a 3 pin connecter on a 2 cell in series battery and then use a home make connecter with 2 pin molex conector to connect to my 18650 battery charger and charge each cell one at a time so it makes sure it safely charges each cell to 4.2V. I've found this poor unbalanced charge design on an Aldi 5 cell in series battery pack, a chinesium purple air duster (3 cells in series) and a Moza MX2 phone gimble (2 cells in series).

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