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Milwaukee ratchet shaped impact. AND a little tool idea for impacts.

Gentlemen, welcome back to this ship christmas she's, a common, no m12 micro mini thumper 220 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque. You doesn't take me nearly that much as witnessed by the countenance of the outwards being inwards. The empire of dirt gnomes have not been able to get through the rock slides in order to do their appointed christmas lee rounds. What do you call a psychic gnome? What broke out of prison? A small medium at large? Double your bumble.

Double your pleasure. Look at this scientist abortion with the things and the goo gods and so forth. A lot of fellas saying this wouldn't work because it wasn't full of oil and well just jumping up and down couldn't figure out the or whined his watch well partner. You sandbag long enough and it just sort of happens.

What i've done is i pressurized it myself, filter right, full of the chooch juice commissioned good and proper scientific wise, while i'm wrapping this up in prime accord to free myself up a clean spot i'll make a concerted effort here not to get too tongue-tangulated by the Details we'll just go over the quick ugly bits in here. You might say a college try or we all know that stuff's up the drains and the wamp waffle stomp don't work so good for anyway, boys will be boys time. Yes, water got ta smelt. No! That's me: the red is getting more and more fadey.

You see how that orange is look at that look at the color of that totally different kind of of a red. If you ever made a cake or watched your better three cards or make a red velvet cake, or a marshall cake from that, show what the kids can't get enough of paw patrol my buddy suggested we become bazillionaires by doing a knock off papa troll sounds the Same the grandparents are on there buying paw patrol toys huh. I bet you, i bet you, you look hard enough. You can find some papa troll toys in any case it's expensive or to get really really red.

Things takes a lot of dye and you can see they're knocking off the die a little bit. Another sticky eggy just going through the other side. Then a couple of little polish marks here and the ejector pins some gnarly bits on that mold there i had a problem up in here: tps subs and glass fiber reinforced. The electromechanical section of this henna tool starts out with the anchored up pixies from the battery going into the leads, positive and neg, also elastic together through a switch, a turning switch, which would tell the confuser which direction you want to turn, because it is a brushless Motor this is interesting, a membrane switch monolithically affixed to the pcb board, and this has a hell of a lot of sensors going to it.

Okay, so that wires, rather so, some of them for the battery indicator, and rather than being multiplexed that is uh having fewer wires and doing it control another way, it's direct that doesn't make sense a tactile switch embedded. Let's have a closer look at that. That's interesting! Something interesting going on on this board. If you look at it, it's got a lot of layers in there.

It's just got a momentary, tactile membrane switch. So it's not doing something. There's got to be some brain boxery on here. I don't see why you would have so many wires going to it.

I'm conflumixed, i really don't see why you would have so many wires in there. Just a tactile switch and the power indicator leds. Four. You know six wires right, seven wires and there's four.

Well. Probably ten on there going into the control board, that's some mosfets, with a little bit of heat sinking here, feeding into the brushless motor i've got a little grounding, strap here what for straight pixies to get back into the battery? Maybe it's that one! Oh, not that one seems as though it wouldn't surprise me in the least of the engineers over at tti parent company, while the owners of milwaukee ryobi rigid aeg took a page out of duclaw's book, you're cheating. They say it's a half inch head, but the half inch head got the same size as the 3 8 head riddle me that you would stink that the 3 8 head would be smaller. What for fitting in tighter spots or more to our the point of our story, the half inch head would be more beefier.

That's where we got five of those. We stand to lose a couple holy shlitz light. Look at that! That's a hell of a that's a hell of a bull wheel. Here, look at the size of that cork stuffer.

It's always nice to see when we take apart everything's super tight, good fitment lets us know we're going to have a hell of a time trying to get it back together, sprawling spring and spring and all over the all right. This partner. This is cool. We haven't seen a mechanism like this we've seen bits and bobs of various, but this is all fabric cobbled together in a new embodiment.

We've got a 90 degree drive so that pinion drives in there and there's a gear reduction that drives on that. At a 90 degree check that out check that out. So that is not a planetary gear set just a spur gear drives on a bevel, and then that drives this other pinion into a another reduction, not a heavy reduction. Though, and then it's got a mechanism like a quarter inch drive impact driver, it doesn't have the floppy hammers the what you would see on a typical pneumatic gun or even the flat there's, a ir that i took apart a while ago.

It's got hammers in that same space and instead of a hammer. What we have is a big well, a big anvil and a big hammer and big anvils, but it works on the same mechanism as an impact driver where it's spinning of things and then it pops up and over against the spring force. This moves back up and over these dogs and then hammers every time it spins around a little bit different than what i was expecting nice components in there. Lots of metal nice grinds and you see the dogs very low profile dogs as well.

That's a critical when you're buying one of these low profile tools, of course, you're paying for the low pro you kind of want to get low pro. We can see an interesting artifact of the design. It's really well put together it. It fits all nicely, but this is either a rookie mistake or by purpose or maybe just an oversight.

You have an automotive tool or a tool what's using in a dirty environment. So you have conductive dust and you have a membrane switch. That granted has a bit of a brow ridge at the same time, you're relying on a thin piece of plastic to keep the conductive dust out of that switch that tactile switch. If this were a fap off tool, i would expect to get lots of warranties into in the tool truck on this tactile switch once that goes away.

We've all seen these tactile switches at gas pumps or anything where there's getting touched a lot. Well, that's the thing. Maybe they don't get touched a lot, maybe you kind of set it and forget it? You said her at max chooch and that's it so that might be a red herring on my part, but it would be interesting if that is planned obsolescence, where, after a few years, this this naturally degrades and craps out, and you kind of get the feeling where You want another one anyway, because sometimes the switch works. Sometimes it doesn't.

If i were king of turd island, i would not build it that way, however, being a mere sir of the empire of dirt, i have no say in the matter. This went together real easy, which leads me to believe i fixed it till it's spit roast half a turn. Let the smoke out wow that runs fast eh. You got ta stop in order to.

How do you know which one you're on i use the force? That's an interesting startup, routine, comes up to speed, overshoots comes down and then goes back up i'll, give her a weak kiss warm it up, see what we get and then we'll go on to the commissioning steps. It's forward. Biased it's weaker in reverse seems like a budgeter. Maybe we need a bigger battery, not the worry kind of folks.

If they don't work. I got some other tricks up my sleeve and inseminated at the 33rd down of the jujitsu knights templar mechanical, a black hole of unholy cussing is only witnessed by a chainsaw museum. It's my heritage, the bigger battery ditter, let's see with the bigger battery now come on. You piece of: why would that stop? Why that's the stupidest thing ever you kind of want it to hammer for a bit longer than just two strokes.

According to your wife, anyway, we got yawn battery on yawn charger and what we'll do i'll show you? What i had the dial indicator on here? What for checking the stretch of the bolt to coincide that with a bolt torque? Of course, this measures clamping because torque is dependent on the friction of the threads. If you've got a buggered up thread, it's going to take more torque you're not going to have as much clamping. This is critical that we get to clamping, say you're, building a bridge. You don't give a about the torque, what you care about, or you're building an engine, the head, you don't care about the torque, you care about the clamping load.

This is what this measures so indirectly, with this machine we are measuring torque, but what we're actually measuring is clamping load. We assume that the coefficient of friction is going to be the same, because the threads have been cleaned up and we have some of well that which will go unnamed black molly, since the white coach incident of ought six, but just to pre-load it. Here you can tell we're pre-loaded and i'm starting to tweak it up. That's an inch and a half wrench open-ended and just not much pressure at all, i'm already way over what that little gun will put up.

Okay, i'm going to back it off and just to make sure that we're not stroked out remember this is a hydraulic cylinder hydraulics in everyday parlance is an incompressible fluid. However, all of the components in here are all springs the hose everything. So we want to make sure that the flux of the tuck is equivalent to the heat of the meat, as well as the fleet of the beet. So we're bottomed out there and i can go right up on the inner pack and put that under a nice load, which is what it's supposed to be set at just about one inch bolt goes right to there now try and loosen that off it's already loose Because we're bottomed right out so now that we're bottomed right out, i can put some clamping load on that and now we know we have taken all the slop out of the system.

You can put your pitchforks away. That cylinder is as full as it's ever going to get any kind of instrument specifically mechanical, and though this is electronical, it's actually mechanical, because it's got a wheat stone bridge on there and, as the pressure increases, the deflection of that wheat stone bridge causes a very High and rapid change in resistance all measured out through here, what we're going to do is run the manual torque wrench up to 50 pounds measure it up to 100 pounds measure the pressure 123 at 50 pounds. What we want to see is some linearity and at the bottom edge of the scale, it's not going to be very linear, but, as we move up, it'll get more and more close to a straight line rather than a dog's dingus. There we're at a hundred we're getting pretty straight liney, of course, for straight lines.

It's between two points. Okay, we got ta, get three points. Little mouth nerd joke there, snarf nar 150 foot pounds, so it is dropping down a little bit. I would say: that's a fail mind you.

This is a brand new well about a year old proto 6016c hasn't been calibrated since new, so your mileage may vary. I trust that you might not. The fuel brushless m12 half inch drive will not do it. In the parlance of our day, i'm going to publicly disclose a novel invention of my own devising you notice.

Impact extensions are invariably just an extension pun intended of previous generations of tools, extensions for ratchets, but they're not the same thing. So why do they look the same and why do they have different functionality? What i want is a little extra chooch, so i made this heavy hitter. It's got. The square drive on the one side square drive on tether, but it's got a wing, a magical wing huh.

Let's see how much extra torque we get out of this thing. Of course, it's ugly, it's a pro as a proof of concept. This would be. You know we'll make this real, pretty super skookum out of a decent steel.

This is just mild steel, now, 836 44w for those metric types, okay, so we're at 300. Now. So what would that be about 100 foot pounds of torque? Something like that right around there? Let's see if we can't - and i up on the previous one i think i was hitting low. I did realize, however, why why there's so many wires to this board? It's because it's lighted, you barely see that faint glow of the pale blue moon.

If you'd frame you it's on the three there, let's see how much more torque we can get out of this with the make it happen later tap it tap tap so 40, more torque, but wait, there's more! Oh big clive wanted to know what this spiral was for. That's precisely for uh hydraulic spikes, it's it works as an accumulator. You see that in there it's got a little whoopty woo and it's mounted on a spring and sprung, and so we got just about well. I would say we got twice the amount of torque out of this by banging on it like a like an ape.

At the same time, you want to get something off and she ain't coming it'd be nice to have something uh with a little purchase. You put a wrench on give her a little extra tweak or just reef on the thing. You know how it goes. Any little advantage is worth it.

As far as this thing yeah, i mean it's sort of works, it doesn't have oodles and oodles of torque because of the mechanism. It just doesn't have real heavy, hitting hammers, so yeah kind of a special use tool, and it's so heavy in the head. I don't think you'd be using it all that often, however, it is nice to get in there with an impact and not have the torque reaction of a an air ratchet or a you know, a powered ratchet that jams, your you know. You know thanks for watching keep your dick in advice.

Yeah tell me what you think about that stupid. Little idea keep your deck in the vice.

By AvvE

13 thoughts on “Boltr right angle impact clever torque”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jcnpresser says:

    Ingersoll makes impact sockets that have a dampener made into them, they’re pretty pricey, wonder if they actually work. I’d buy a couple of sizes if they did. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mat D says:

    I use mine almost every day for work. Would never need it over a standard style for home. Definitely a special tool but one that's perfect when your working within a enclosure.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Smky Mtn Saws says:

    I’ve put my M12 impact through hell and the tactile switch isn’t what went bad. It died after the third 20ft drop on to asphalt.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George Vieira says:

    I have a different milwaukee with one of those tactile switches. Seems sturdy but is awful to use, since they used it as the forward/reverse switch on a drill, and there is no tactile way to tell which direction it is set in.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Mitchell says:

    On another thought I had a Dremel suck in aluminium dust which killed the speed controls. It only did two speeds after that full on or full off.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CrazyAssPotter says:

    I'll take two of the UBF tools whacker extension, please.

    AVE and UBF tools should be a thing, just like fap-on and blue pointer… I would be brand loyal and ditch the junk I have now

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mrmiscast says:

    AvE gives me the impression that his theory is related to all versions of wonder. Love the videos… Gotta order a shirt to confuse others. Thanks for the informative fun…

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alasdair Fulton says:

    Me wonders about the conversation when trying to claim warranty after the inevitable mechanism failure… "Yes, surely sir I have only used it as intended"

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Iwueb173 says:

    Psychic gnome at large cost me three friendships and i regret nothing. If they can't laugh at that, i don't want to be friends.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! spunrdneck says:

    All them wires there at the tactile switchenthang are to light up the different modes under the numbery icons there doncha no?

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Pocklington says:

    About to the point that if you started showing signs of a stroke on camera Noone would notice, and many people would just expand their vernacular.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DOG_REDRUM says:

    You know what I always appreciate about an Uncle Bumblefuck vijayo is knowing my work bench in not the only one the the elves seem to never visit, unless at gun point.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jay Cervo Uccisore says:

    Love the concept. Full disclosure..I'm a hammer-n-chisel neanderthal from way back though. No substitute for a proper persuader…and a target for said bludgeon!

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