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Milwaukee cut-off

Gentlemen's welcome back to the shop today treat especially from your old pal hans destomuck. I got the mirrored yes touch this thing's working proper. We can fix that come by way of a buddy of mine. I, like chicken, said, bought one of these for work and it's the best thing since sliced bread work.

Everybody knows you don't work says the apprentice says this is fantastic because it's a cut-off wheel, but it's small. So it's not nearly as sketchy as that. Guardless five-inch cordless cut-off. One of these super useful implements but dangerous for his frig because you hit it the wrong way and it bites the wheel explodes like a personnel mine doesn't help that you never got the guard on.

But that's what keeps the rent down low recommended to us for all the cost of a millisecond of inattention, because it's spinning of things both ways so you're in close quarters and instead of shooting the sparks directly at your eyeballs. Now you can shoot them at your crotch further on the count of the count of the countenance it's optimized for single-handed use, very likely in the dark tight nasty spots as any 13-year-old boy i'll tell you a tool like that is what to get singularly abused or Doubly, depending on your disposition, waxing philosophical always leaves me feeling so smooth, go ahead and start el temp that ain't right that'll do booting like a surgeon feather touch. I always get the oddest looks at the return desk. Let's see how that'll do her comes with the typical advertisement straighten the bucket with that not to worry it's factored into the price you're paying for it.

So you can do what the you want with it. Destructions don't be needing them powdered tree carcass. I got it set up to look more like a tiny dollhouse-sized circ saw i get to feel like a giant got some goofy going on here. I wonder if this is just the ass covery typical of a table saw you know you got uh, you buy it with the guard and eight nobody in the history of the world has ever run the saw with the guard on it and a flop of the Nod to douche fluters everywhere, take a fat rip off that one clean as a whistle give her a lick yeah.

Also, it's got that plastic with the fade pre-faded out red. You look at that red. It's interesting that they will allow that to be such a different tone of red, considering how branding is so very critical and they want to keep some continuity so that the fellas would got milwaukee tattoos don't get pissed off that now they change the tone on them. I was rather washed out pinky, looking speaking to a continuity of messaging milfucky.

Doing the public service make sure you don't get caught out, engage your propaganda and wear your muzzle where's. The double and up on the rubbers, like feeding bacon to a piglet, gives me the heebie-jeebies better change that, although full disclosure, i would be the first in line for some of them delicious stalingrad, meatballs feed, my kids. If it come to it. Luckily we ain't there, yet we got, we got all the fasteners removed, but we got this clippy clap to straggle with jesus clap.

I got a joke for you to tell i yeah you understand. You'll have to be gentle, it's been a while a little bit rusty. It's been a while, since i told the joke obvious reasons, but you know i ain't sitting around with the boys having beers as much as i used to and currently now all the problem is of course it's like waterboarding. Telling a joke through a beer-soaked mask is a little bit difficult, a fella.

Last time a buddy told me a joke about covid, but i didn't get it drone strike okay. So there is a couple of friends: no there's not a couple of frenchmen. There's a i'll! Tell the joke: from the other side, there's a emergency operator in beautiful nelson british columbia in the center of the kootenay mountains, get a call uh right around dusk. From a couple of frenchmen that is quebecers french canadians is zhonggi and uh.

My brother, jean-pierre, we uh. We were hunting for the the mountain, goat, the goat, the mountain and the kid how you say: gilly the ghillie. He uh it take a misstep and you know he fall off the mountain and he did so. You um, maybe uh, arrange a helicopter and come and pick us up right away.

Please and taking it back. The emergency operator says well. Our first priority is the injured guide. You need to go.

Are you too? Okay? Oh yeah, we're fine. We, you know the wine skin she's uh getting a little thin, but you know we're not prepared for overnight you, you got ta, come and pick us up. Well, first off you, you need to go and uh triage. The the guide make sure that uh he's dead.

So there's a little bit of back and forth. On the other end of the line now he's hung over and uh, i got the bum leg. You know he uh he's dead. The guy is dead.

Taken aback further, the emergency operator says you must make sure he's dead. Okay, oh a few minutes, and some talking and some rather large debate, blammo. The report of a rifle, hey uh, is definitely dead. Now the outside of the guard polycarbonate clear plastic.

Just to see what your blade is doing apparently - and there are some little plastic bits - glass, fiber, reinforced nylon - maybe not the best - for an abrasive cut off, but just fine for tile dust or whatnot and in the top section here it is metal. But it is surmounted in a logarithmic casing of plastic, rather suspect, looking at the size of those. Of course, you toss this around you put it in a tool bag and so forth, very likely to get that those two little ears broken off, but the tool itself actually might be better without this basal platen. This is an interesting construction detail for the retention plate.

This is the retention plate for the guard, and the guard turns around interesting in an actual interesting way, not interesting in what you would say to someone you wanted to stop talking to interesting. Let me just go over here. There's some detent recesses that index on some pressed detent balls. Now these are punched pressed formed, little sheet metal components, as you can see, there's three balls there and they engage in order to position this guy in in order to position the guard relative to the handle, and i thought that they had given us some extra clamps Here but they're, not extra they're, just different for different purposes and there's a little ring in here wow, which is a foil of some chintzy varietal likely chinese um.

Someone took me to task the other day for saying chincy that it was lacist. Chintzy is a word that does not mean any particular race or it's a word. That's been around for hundreds of years pre-dating, any kind of yeah. It just means gaudy golden cheap, but made to look expensive yeah.

I i i don't know it's apparently some sort of high-tech anti-bumble ring. I have to apologize that they put that in a special for me. One extra bomb item on your bill. Sorry about that on second thought.

That might be some sort of thermal protection for the casement likely not on third thought. It's a bearing so that you don't wear out this glass fiber impregnated, pa-6, there's no lubrication on oh yeah! There's a little look at that. Little dabble! Do you! That is the chintziest thrust, bearing in all of christendom magnet oopsie. What was that? Oh, that's, the lock okay, so the locking mechanism just dangled out nice stiff case lots of material in there with the price of resin.

You can be guaranteed. Future iterations will be thinner, get them while they're hot. How much are worse. That's a big beefy brushless motor and a fine big bearing on the front side with a felt dust boot.

Thus, boot is on this other foot i'll get inside the clam shell. Here a little bit different, aesthetic than we're used to normally quite a bit more rounded, with more gribbling for looking like a star wars, blaster, maybe they're they're, getting away from that and hopefully get some cleaner lines. At some point i will say there is an advantage to cleaner lines. Is that the molds don't wear out nearly as quickly huh huh? I don't know if you're listening, but it could be a 50 cent raise in there for somebody.

Oh, what am i thinking? 50 yuan rays right the hamshell cloth in nylon and sebs tpe and sebs with the over molding. Not much anchoring for this over molding, not all the little tiny dots that we compare and contrast in the other milwaukee tools. But this might not be as heavy duty being the 12 volt and it's not like it's going to be particularly torquey, relying more on the speed of the abrasive wheel rather than the torque. This is a brushless motor, very likely very close control of the output, torque and speed, so it'd be very easy to stall this out and not damage anything.

It's not like a brushed motor where, if you stall it out, it gets full amperage and burns itself out. There'd be all kind of protections in here to prevent that from happening. What we've been finding in real fancy tools is, the drivetrain is super skookum, it's the electronicals, what blow out of them and they either go full blast all the time or they just don't work at all and there's no puffs of smoke or no stink to her Or nothing the lights will come on, but nothing will turn wait. Was that a thinly veiled presidential joke no right wing left wing? It's all on the same bird in the brain box.

Are you on the current switching side, lots of heat sinking, obversely, all kind of surface mount components with a brain box which i don't recall if milwaukee uses st micro or no, i think they use uh. That might be somebody else. Texas instruments: msp 430 esque kind of spun up brushless driver with a microcontroller, and this guy would output signals to the actual switching devices. Mosfets no yeah mosfets, not igbts, not high enough power.

It would help if i had a reasonable edge on this knife. Not to worry, we have the technology, oh for the love of pete, just scraping off this conformal goo at the prize under size. I want to see what controller this is. Oh man, i was wondering when that was going to happen, never catch old.

I guess death. Stalks us all, i can't see that anymore. I want to say it's texas instruments, yeah texas instruments, d, r, v, shaky shaky shaky 915 says something something where the rubber meets the 200-pound gorilla. A mark hart switch with no bellows, just be a pcb board in there, with some wipers on a potentiometer and then some signaling to tell it tell the microcontroller if you want forward or reverse and then, depending on the strength of the signal going back to the Confuser you get the varying speed a nice selastic attachment here just to pin this down against vibrations.

Nothing super janky about the board. The rotor in here toit, strong, magnus, four pole a little bearing on the back side and this metal injection molded part. There's a draft angle on these dogs so that the locking mechanism actually locks in there and it doesn't pop back out easily if the. If there's no draft, you know if it doesn't lead in and if it's just perfectly perpendicular.

It's very easy for this to pop out. So that's nice and then they've gone and c and c turned this diameter. It rides on the felt and they ground precision ground this inside to index on the uh looks like a forged part here. No, it wouldn't be forged that'd, be metal injection molded as well, so that's kind of weird that they wouldn't match up tolerances but of course, you're never going to ground that there you go nothing super craptacular in there just voiding the warranty here going to make sure That this is indeed copper and not just copper coated aluminium looks like copper, yeah a little bit uh.

You know all the plasticry on the guard, if you're using it for an abrasive, cut off wheel, you know you got spits and sparks is on there. So maybe not the best choice, but for what it's worth, cutting little small things emt. You know you're, not gon na go and do any heavy fabrication with this, but it does get into tight spots. Oh in a future vageo we have her back together.

It's got ta rest on the healing bench and come up to temperature and then we'll give her a go. So thanks for watching keep your decking advice.

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12 thoughts on “BOLTR: world’s smallest circular saw”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Salty Buckeye says:

    Chintzy- brittle, going to break, not meant for the task scary, like the wiring harness on your mom's vibration machine it's scary as hell! How the f*** do you get racist

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Moph says:

    If you like that, check out more of Spike's work!


    Bentine: I just came in and found him lying on the carpet there

    Sellers: Oh, is he dead?

    Bentine: I think so

    Sellers: Hadn't you better make sure?

    Bentine: Alright. Just a minute

    Sound of two gun shots

    Bentine: He's dead.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars s¡ngųlar¡tұ says:

    Hey! Great videos all around and much thanks for the content. I have some questions though, how in the world you developed your vocabulary? Which kind of books you been reading or is it professional trait? Is it on purpose or you have auto replace built in? Is this just for vids or off camera same happens? Maybe due to work with so much tools and materials etc omissiah channels through you and we hear the way tech god is thinking??? Sorry if those been addressed already… thanks

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars aa aaa says:

    Chintz is a fabric, often used for making curtains. Lace is a fabric, sometimes used to make curtains. Is using the term "chintzy" as a criticism of an object then "Lace-ist"? I would say, yes.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike James says:

    Very glad to see you back on YouTube hands down the best show on the web and we’re missed ….. thank you for the great video hope to see more soon best wishes to you and the family

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheOtisUpham says:

    You sound like a teacher that I'd actually pay attention to when I was in trade school. You should do instructionals on this channel. I've learned so many terms about the plastic on my drill but I don't know what they mean! Love the content man.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Casy Chapin says:

    i found this tool handy as frig, i was harvesting sheet metal from a junk yard, popped a few extra batteries in my pocket and out i went, cam back with a toyota truck welded on inner fender.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cryptid Couple says:

    Chintzy is supposedly like a racist spelling of Chinese… I don't see it. In other news Hip Hip Hooray! Was used by the Nazis when invading Jewish Ghettos during the Holocaust as a war cry.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tommy Madux says:

    Get the guard Correct it snaps off of the plastic blade part. The grey metal whee
    Guard stays on the tool and the other parts comes off with out any tools. The tool is awesome I made one of mine a mine belt
    Sander. They fit in places you couldn’t it a normal grinder in plus very controllable and able
    To cut very accurately.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cody Ace says:

    Neat tool, we own a few. Only issue the internal torque (or dumbass) sensor shuts it down way to quickly. I at least need the thrill of a broken 3" cutoff wheel, not the constant safety shut down.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JeRome Welch says:

    I have one of those really would've been nice for you to review its function because that's where it extremely fails on it has no torque it torque itself out cutting just about anything… I love Milwaukee fuel this is my least favorite

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Uder says:

    Thanks for making a real video again. You were a staple in my drunken watch list. Your short videos are… not good. Keep making long ones, and you got a lifelong watcher.

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