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1904 Screwdriver

Gentlemen, welcome back to the shop once again that sneaky saskatchewan seal skin chalet maker and schlid a proper tool in my mail slot ha ha step ahead of you. I says the wife. She prefers him purple and well-veined. Look at the size of that she's.

A girthy duo, oh yeah hand, tool rescue made this. If you recall, we made me and christa prisco well, mainly christaprisco made one of these out of titanium a while back, and this one is not that it's 10 44.. We shipped that one off to nasa for testing it ended up in an art show in dusseldorf. I never did get any photos from it, but if - and you took in that show it was uh indentured in some fantabulous art - hey ve finally made the screwdriver.

We talked about years ago for production sale, but uh ridiculously large scale. I don't think that's ridiculously large work as a drag link, also as a talking thing, but, more importantly, follow us to borrow your biggest screwdriver you hand them this gland in first. Of course, i know how to get a chuckle out of them. I, like it.

It's 1144 steel patented in 1904, by willem ward, weighs one pound, got some 3d cad models and templates and so forth, so for to make scales huh. So, alright, no small irony, we find ourselves back at the terminal. That's what i tell the wife anyway. Confusion.

360., we're cheaper than all the rest. I paid my license fees for another year. Thank you patrons. So i get to be a beta tester, which of course just means that everything's on the cloud someone else's computer and uh, they add and retract features willy-nilly.

However, because it's a tenth of the cost of solid works. This is what we use not to say if you're using it every day, i'm sure it's fine for what it is there are professional machinists would use it but yeah in any case, it's like the iron sheik in wrestling, it's the the heel. They love to hate. It if there's anyone out there what works for autodesk - and i know you're, not listening, because you don't care, but for the love of all that is unholy.

Please give us fools on the stools. A fighting chance by not making us beta test your software for you. Is it too much to ask? I guess it is we're going to uh just spot drill these, because these are pinholes. We're going to chip break we're going to rougher with a 3 8 3 flute.

Stub rougher use these for all of the hammers all of the copper parts, so they ought to be good and dull brass off and then a quarter inch, three flute ball and the belt we'll stimulate this. Now this screwdriver so see the screwdriver is not a screwdriver. It's more of an object which is like that rene margaret margarite, the belgian fella, with the penchant for granny smith, apples he's an artist and that this is not a pipe has become so trite that it's not art anymore, because it doesn't make you feel anything. But it goes to show that this is not a screwdriver.

Its proportions are absurd, so it's something else entirely. Essentially it's a joke, but a joke. What you can whack things with. I think it's brilliant.

We got this stub rougher, just a given her. If you got a needle dick, you got ta like a sewing machine. That's what the dewclaw tells me anyway. I wouldn't know it's best when he's not around to defend himself.

Of course, i'm sure there's a lot of extraneous moves here, however, we're just making the two: it's not a production run. That's the other thing is. I didn't want to make soft jaws to carry this, so we just got a whole lot of carrying stock and i'm going to come in here after the fact and manually saw that off. Maybe maybe we'll do a slitting saw operation, but i don't think i have a sledding saw, that's deep enough to get it all in one pass.

So the interesting thing about this is in keeping with that cecine poison pip. This is not. This is a to you. It's a two-dimensional representation of a bunch of ones and zeros.

Well, there's that whole thing that are, we living in a simulation people saying we're actually living in a simulation and, of course, we're living in a simulation, because everything that you see and know is only in betwixt your two ears, it's simulated in your head, so because We're doing the simulation, we don't know what the aesthetic effect of this ball end mill is actually going to be. That's part of the magic of this whole process, because a two-dimensional representation, digitized and pixelated on a screen holds nothing in comparison to hold in the girthy unit. Right in your dirty dick meter, you know what i'm saying so so so do melt. He made the pins two different sizes:.

By AvvE

8 thoughts on “Brass handle screwdriver | Hand Tool Rescue”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrBusDrivr says:

    On doit dire: "Ah ben esti d'câlisse de tabarnak de patente à gosses de marde de sakramant d'gréement d'cul!",,,, C'est plus précis… 😛

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sean Gere says:

    Companies now a days: Why pay people to beta test when we can charge people to use our products and do the beta testing for us. We win on both accounts. We don't need to spend extra money to produce a great product but get to make money off people and produce a shit product that we can continually update and make even more money from all these idiots.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan O'Keefe says:

    The team over at Autodesk have put a lot of resources into the new tool that allows you to put your machine into the fusion world with the billet in the vice.. apparently so you can make sure that your machine can make the part and you don't accidently program in fun things like your expensive new bits crashing into the vice… My favourite thing though!? – the fact that they realised that fusion360 is good for designing basic parts, but average at making life easy for professionals (my point is coming). Once they realised this.. instead of fixing fusion360, they just started again and made 'inventor'.. its at least 4 times better for design. Doesn't help the fact that you've got to pay for the fusion for doing your tool paths and what not, so youre stuck.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Scott says:

    A tip (just the tip, mind) from an old soldier who had to polish his brass cap badge regularly … Silvo works better on brass than Brasso. Go figure …

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Gray says:

    AVE " I can program a CNC, Design in Fusion 360, and I see the world in 1000th BUT I can't understand why one pin is 1/2" shorter then the other." LOL

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Samuel Robert says:

    That was some colourful language i hadn’t heard before at the end there! Never thought shepherds pie was used in that way

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MJPilote says:

    Its the beta testing, someone in the cloud turned your model in the vise while you where not watching. Good looking screw you driver none the less!

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Micr0waveMan says:

    "The jusxtaposition of the starkly mismatched pins against the precisely machined and hand fit brass scales subverts the troupe of the 'Master Craftsman' a figure who has transcended the fallibility of the human condition so far that all flaws in their work are presumed deliberate. In this effect, the puzzling absurdity of the piece reflects a greater truth of reality, that regardless of ones refinement, experience, or dedication to their trade; we all are vulnerable to oversights, lapses of concentration, and fourth beer errors."

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