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Swappin' out the lightspeed drive on the Millennial Falcon. Now with more Chewbacca grunts!

Gentlemen, welcome back to the shop said you can't keep a good man down baby dollar i'll agree with you. Good man prefers to go down. We got to do claw here and his safety slippers never fails, but you get your summer rig driving. I doubled the value of this.

I put gas in the tank beautiful winter tires on her and the clutch started, slipping and by started slipping. I mean finally, we'll deliver no torque to the rear wheels at all. Here's the free play of the pedal. Oh, oh! No not yet oh yeah get it going.

Oh right there she got about 20 thou, throw a couple of his glove cylinders and a clutch named luck. We got the technical tarp up or down, protect you from the pokey bits and the ragweed. Oh, it's like it. Never ends look at this yeah you just keep dancing around over there toes mcgee.

Is it time for second breakfast pro tip and only for a second. If your u-joints, your universal joints, are okay, they're, not bernell, they don't have a detent in there and you're going to reuse them. They haven't got many hours on them. It's best to tape the caps on, so you don't lose them.

You smell that that my friends is the heady bouquet of room to work. Look my whole hand goes all the way there. I can even stick two hands in here. Oh that's, disgusting.

Just imagine what everyone back in the day what people have to put up with like room intakes you're lucky if the the header isn't plastic these days, man that uh that fiesta that fiesta, i rented that one time in the exhaust was plastic like coming right off The engine everything was put together with like electrical tape, and it was it was, i couldn't believe it, they lost their ability to make a car. They it up so long, but they just completely forgot how to even make a car like this is the kind of engine where you rip something out, and it runs better right. Look at that stack up. I was wondering how he was gon na.

Do it without uh slipping and sliding on frozen mud, but this is how baby doll feels, i'm sure turn your head and the deed is done. Took five tries ten turns around the yard to get all the right wood pieces dewclaw doing the p90x underneath of the truck that's the hardest. Part of the whole thing is rolling around getting your ab workout problem with me doing an ab workout is the miller. Muscle tends to get bigger instead more defined.

When you only got one big ab, he took out the cross member and the prop shaft. What else did he do? I got the starter out starter out. He's got bolts out that plastic gear is the thermometer. What tells you how fast you're going hydraulic clutch tube? Now we got a rochambeau to find out who assumes the position of uh squatting.

What you do is you saddle that upper cross member there uh and you put your feet to either side of the transmission and you heave hole like you're trying to or remove the earth. Oh yeah she's free, it's just a shaft, so yeah yeah yeah you're, free you're, clear so should i drop it yep? Okay! I need you to kind of help me steady it here, while not the prettiest, but oh that out just watch he's basically ready to fall off the back here, but well it'll fall off then it okay, jesus christ, she's gon na fall, put something in the front. Uh i say we just just get out of the way and we'll push it over. That's good there.

Now we got one last thing to worry about flowing behold, the terrible majesty. If this makes you wonder how we're going to get it back in you're, not wrong. That's uh, that's that's! Tomorrow's! Not the problem! That's a future! Dew claws problem. There should be the ion drive out of the millennium falcon diaphragm spring uh clutches flywheel pressure plate.

So the diaphragm springs. You push these in they pivot and take the force off of the pressure plate, which uh allows the friction plate to spin freely friction. Plate, of course, is splined to the shaft input shaft of the transmission and all this entire thing rotates with the flywheel of the engine. Yeah we just got to head to los ashley tomorrow get a few parts you know.

Maybe i want some power converters. So here's the spline shaft input of the transmission - that's where the friction disc goes on to this is called the pilot bearing this sits in the center of the flywheel, and this is the throw out bearing so this is what actuates on those fingers of the diaphragm Clutch in order to engage and disengage the the clutch itself. This is actuated hydraulically. So when you depress the pedal here, sending hydraulic pressure to some of these guys and it pushes on those fingers, reduces the amount of torque it'll transmit.

I haven't had this truck too long and you always find the oddest stuff. When you buy a worn out chunk. Somebody tried to convert this to other magic by putting automatic transmission fluid in the gearbox. I'm not sure that's how a slush box works, but here's the clutch and some bad news.

You know not looking too great and here's your trouble plenty of meat left on her, which is bad news for the clutch cylinder, meaning there's probably something wrong with the hydraulic circuit, rather than the clutch itself other than being wholly contaminated with schmoo. It seems there's nothing really wrong with it drain the url out of her make sure that the plugs come out. This is the fill. We won't fill it back up until we get it in so that we don't have coming out.

The tail end see how well worn in she is no big chunks. Is there a magnet on the end of that yeah? It's uh, making a little bit of never squeeze but pretty much par for the course master. Clutch cylinder reservoir not quite bone dry, but the duke law went up and splurged on an in-situ, flywheel, surfacer 120 grit. But it's got some heat checks on it, but um you know, so what that's just really hard material there.

I guess now well it's hard now because it's it's got some carbon in from the friction plate and all the oil and then it got hot it up and then uh it got cooled down and it got hotted up and it got cooled down and those plates Are not good when they get oil on them? No, no they're, they're, not uh, particularly loving grease. You know what i'm sure we look at it long enough. It's gon na get done. Why is procrastination so popular uh, because it's the it's a legendary no-fail scenario? No! No, it's a thing.

You stab your right foot down. You pop your left foot up, you give her all the beans and she right off until she right off there. We go that it's finally starting to come together. It rhymed in my head a couple more shots at it.

I'm sure you'll get it we're getting hot dewclaws, machining and alignment tool in situ again, nothing but the finest equipment available. You ain't got the tools, but for doing the job you can't do the job. Oh yeah beauty fits yep, we'll just use that one, the teeth will. Let's make this.

We got a lucky lou, 12 o'clock. Hey. Why don't you guys buy yourself? A hoist, no money! You stab your left foot down. You pop your right foot up.

You give her all the gas and you haul some ass, it's getting better, it's getting better. Okay, okay. I've made the tool. How can that clutch not be on there? Yet all right, i'm ready! I'm ready coach doesn't work for my wife, either hi tech rednecker here at the hip helper 9000..

Now sometimes it occurs to me that some of these projects might be worth paying. Somebody else to do duke law close your ears. It just never ends the happy fun time. Saturday night prior to the parts place being closed on sunday.

You guessed it counter. Monkey got us again, hmm it's like they just love to see your face. They can't get enough of you. I spent hundreds in that place over the course of a couple decades and they still treat me like a so wait.

Why throw this big bean back in there tempting just a little break clean? It's still good, it's still good! Oh! I don't like the sounds of that look just in time for bringing the parts back. I found all the parts we need. It was right there in the box, whoever looks in the box also, it's weird in the instructions that tell you to throw out the bearings. The thing's brand new e2 cornell put yourself down pick yourself up yeah, so uh para la manana in la manana.

The parts will be here all right, so i guess that makes it uh a successful mission. It's beer o'clock yeah, i mean cattle parts, can't work.

By AvvE

14 thoughts on “Every clutch job. Ever.”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Reynolds says:

    does anyone else have closed captions on? there are a couple of spots where the description of dialogue is [DAD NOISES] i shit thee not

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stuart R says:

    Amusing, I stop from what I was doing to grab a bite of lunch and what AvE video is the top of my suggested list? This. What was I doing? Well, not a clutch job, I'm stripping a VW 1.8T cylinder head down to rebuild & probably port while I'm at it. My phone must have given me away by listening to the sounds of my ratchets…

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen says:

    i just lifted my mazda 4 feet up at the front with my tractor front loader, put some heavy stands from a construction scaffolding rated for 3 tonns each in there, lifted the rear equally high and supported it
    then i can compfortably use the pallet fork with the front loader from the side to hold the tranny while unbolting, slide it sideways out the pilot bearing and off of the positioning dowels and get it out without any sweaty labor or lieing in the dirt , i can put a chair down under it while unbolting it then lower the fork, strap the tranny down and transfer it to the work bench

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Hayes says:

    Those hot spots cause major chatter and I hope you replaced that stupid Ford design with new, because they don't last and you have to keep it compressed on install or you will never bleed it!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BKF says:

    I've done too many clutches to count on SAAB 99 and 900's (Classic). The clutch is in the front, and the belts are against the firewall.

    It was a 45 minute job. One time I did the entire job in the dark by touch. THAT's a clutch job!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars holdorf333 says:

    I miss the good ol days, when you could take the engine's total CCs, divide by 4, and get the number of HP it would produce

    but you did have room, so there's that

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mark Paterson says:

    Anyone ever done a nightmare of a tranny swap and once she’s all back together you find the spigot bush on the floor under the said offending vehicular demon? 🤚🥴

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars charles peagler says:

    Most T5 transmission models use DexronÒ II automatic transmission fluid the WC T-5, or World Class T-5. they had the paper fiber syncro rings.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars carlu bambi says:

    Beer o'clock is the best especially on company time because some genius in the office googled the distance between poles and orders the bare minimum in materials

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sathtana says:

    Normal AvE vids: This is pretty nice. A little bit canadian, and a decent bit of cursing, but nothing I'd send my kid out for

    This video : Turn the canadian, cursing, and innuendos up to 11 and you've got this video. Sorry kid, but you've gotta go.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Quinten Maccalla says:

    I am not joking this is the most sketch f**** clutch replacement I've ever seen in my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but they get the job done so I'm not judging 🤣🤣

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Susan Henderson says:

    Never put your spare hand on the jack body when some clown is running the jack handle, ask me how I know. That was the input shift, the pilot brg is in the back of the crank. The old M5OD Trans was probably the easiest tyranny to re & re.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fordster1994 says:

    Oh how I miss my old 88 Isuzu trooper you can get this actually see what you are doing while you were doing it….crazy I know.

    Too bad you couldn't find parts for the damn thing.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Palmit says:

    i miss the old days. this vid brought back fond memories of my dad and i replacing clutch on a LWB Ford Transit. We did all kinds of work on older British Leyland cars mostly (living less than 250 yards from the cowley car factory in Oxford, UK, we saw a LOT of marinas/itals, allegros, princresses/ambassadors, mini-metros surprisingly, not so much mini, they were actually very reliable). All the trips to scrapyards (before gov decided it wanted to sell new cars to get more taxes, rather than repair older ones). the smells of old oil and grease etc. My dad died at 58 of cancer. We spent at least every other weekend at scrapyards all over oxfordshire. we knew everything about all of them.
    Sigh… Thanks for the vid AvE and dewclaw. So many good memories awakened.The banter included. Do have a beer on me and enjoy every damn minute you can with your parents. They go too soon. I'm 48 now and i really wish somebody had told me in my youth about how life works.

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