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"I say'd for sale, not ON SALE. Interesting trades considered. *MINTY* Fresh service, new voltage controller, rare two-tone battleship grey/rust. As is where is, come after dark."

I will admit it is pretty impressive behold, the majesty of a proper gak box. Once upon a time, i had little little drawers in here all filled with individually colored things until that, one time where you didn't close it and it tipped over and i fell over and my tools went everywhere and this thing went everywhere and i was surrounded by People and i couldn't freak out - it was horrible, couldn't have my little hissy fit the new claws here, mic'd up yeah and we are going to look at a deutsche diesel. Jenny, deutsch air-cooled, virtually indestructible runs forever until it don't. I bought this on a kijiji deal.

The generator wasn't working, but the diesel was so it was priced in such a way. It was just kind of a more pain in the cat to get it out of there. So i got it off a poultry farmer down the coast. No farmer in his right mind would ever get rid of a a non-working piece of equipment.

You never know when you're going to need a non-working piece of gear. I mean i've noticed a pattern forming between all these farmers for sure. Well, and that's the thing: if you don't have enough non-working gear, you got to go and buy other people's non-working gear. I guess you know, farmers have kids and then eventually they you know they got to get money somehow they can't just.

This is never good, however, when there is a brand new, something something what it's an amazon vr for sure for those of our viewers, not in the know for those of you not in the know. What is an avr, that's uh automatic voltage regulator put in most generators or any generator i've ever seen, but i haven't seen them all. So i poked around a little bit. Oh nothing's, grounded out the the windings edit.

I didn't spread it apart to see all the windings, but the windings seem okay, see all the windings, but the windings seem okay, but the windings seem okay. The windings seem okay, positive and negative here, and then we i'll just point your interest down here down below where we are translating into a human, readable format from elec chicken to human we're gon na. Take we're gon na. Take our trusty makita battery.

That can do just about anything start a car start a fire fire generator up power. Your drill, i mean geez. Is there anything? Nothing can't do just to be extra safe, i'm going to put a switch in line, momentary, switch and then tip it to be extra extra, safe. I'm going to put a diode in line.

If i can find it. No i got where is that diode? It was just here like a clock, come on man. I can't see i'm high as can't see what the i get. What expect man obi-wan diode right here, we're gon na shove it in either this way or that way one way it's gon na work.

One way it's not gon na work we're just gon na it's a 50 50 90. 50 of the time you get it wrong. 90 of the time i, like those odds, so essentially what we're doing is, and by we i mean duklah, is injecting direct current into the field winding of the generator, the stator in case it had lost all of its residual magnetism and then it can't auto excite It needs it needs a little something in the spank bank to get going he's going to too close going. Gon na use his expertise to do that.

I'm not sure what happens if you put the positive to the negative, a negative buzz, but i've heard it's terrible. So, wouldn't it just run backwards. Uh i don't know see, i don't i'm sure i got a feeling. I think it blows.

I think it blows the diodes out. No once this thing hits 88 miles an hour, you're gon na see some serious yeah hey little piggyback clips yeah. So where does he get all these wonderful gadgets? Well, it's all part of the gekko wonder of the gak in gak. We trust no smokey okay.

So it's cause. I got mr momentary here right, so we're not even lit up so now we got ta fire, this puppy up, wet it up and then uh. Oh, so you want the diesel turning. We will need a little turning and i might as well put uh we'll put a volt meter on the other end.

There make sure see if we get some output see the good thing about this is. If we get the polarity wrong, we might not get any output, but we'll definitely get some put out. It's a win-win, and currently we have 0.000. So we're we're ways away still: okay, so i'll flash up the diesel and then you keep your finger off the trigger until i come around with the camera, yeah, no yeah and then okay yeah make sure you got your blast shield and safety boots and uh.

We go manual is sturdy: okay! Well! Well! I think she's dead forever. Now oops. I think it's toast man inside there, because you see it was just starting to put out just when it caught fire right, yeah, never a good sign and still smoking. I don't think it was this that destroyed it, yeah.

No, no! No! I think it was f to begin with yeah and we we just uh, helped it along its way to the happy hunting grounds gave it a viking funeral. That's right now it goes to valhallaska. Oh, the dewclaw is gon na. Take a look down at the bottom of the thing.

I think we he thinks we maybe roasted a or something something sleeping in there yeah. Hopefully, hopefully it wasn't just a rack going up well, actually, hopefully it would be, but what's gon na do she's cooked she's cooked, so there were sparks shooting out of there. Yeah like, but not electrical sparks just mechanical sparks the nice friendly orange ones, not the nasty, not the bright white ones, bright, white, blue ones, right we've had a chance to set and think about. We did.

I had a job, a hazard assessment and the results are uh yeah. There is powdered, copper, melted, powdered, copper and a distinct high note of death electrical variety. So, despite having uh our insurance all paid up here, we are not gon na flash it up again. So the question remains now what to do with this thing, there is some very pretty dingle balls of melted, copper in the bottom.

I stink what we'll do put a hydraulic pack on here or turn it into lawn ornaments, who can say what the future holds thanks for watching hey, sometimes you're the sometimes you're the sometimes you're, just the electrician, who happens to be there?.

By AvvE

11 thoughts on ““GOOD USED” | DewClaw vs. Deutz Diesel”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Hazen says:

    I have a cracked piston from a deutz. From the back of beyond in alaska. the tale goes that the fellows had it shipped out and had a hell of a time getting it started. somehow they decided to bypass some things to get it started. One of those was supposedly a circuit that prevented it from running if the oil was low. and they hadnt realized it was shipped dry. supposedly the thing finally let go after running in a great deal of pain for an unexpectedly long time and threw bits in all directions in a mechanical "you can take this job and shove it!" tantrum.

    an apocryphal tale, I say, because I wasnt there. I just have this cracked piston cigar ashtray as a conversation piece gifted to me by a mechanic with a thousand yard stare.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Long Johnson says:

    "I can't see, fuckin- I'm high as fuck, can't see, what do you expect, man?"

    I have more in common with an electrician than I ever thought I would

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AJ Wilson says:

    Scrap the copper outta that and you might have enough to pick up a HF 15KW genny head…… a do it yourself kit for the next guy……

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shocking Developments says:

    This channel is a distilled list of all the things nobody is able to do at work.

    Neat trick to excite the windings.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Big Tec Big Tec says:

    Dewclaw didn't help it to it end. When the infernal cumbustion loaded down without a load being plugged into yonder pixie receptacle. You had a short in the stator to begin with. that's why it let the smoke out. The angry pixie could not get where they needed to they were to busy dancing across the short.
    At least that is what I have run into with generators that do what that one did.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stewart McDiarmid says:

    Just learned about duetz last week, fixing a cpl tractors with big 6cyl air and oil cooled engines had no idea they were air cooled, pretty nifty shit, they use oil for cab heat

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Fredrock says:

    Takes me to some of these outfits in non-English countries where there are a bunch of teens rewinding generators and motors with home made tools. Huge generators and motors. Mostly non OSHA supervised I'm fairly certain.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lone Wolf says:

    "Device intermittently throws sparks and shuts down". OK, I won't leave until I've resolved either the spark issue or the intermittently issue…

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CNCmachiningisfun says:

    I have lost count of the number of times I have had to do this, with the engine running, to start the alternator.
    Mine didn't go up in smoke, though 🙂 .

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wrstew says:

    Mr. AvE, I have just read thru far too many responses regarding your lack of skills in predicting a less than perfect audio condition. Now I, being a poorly educated individual, come here for the comedy and occasionally a modicum of learning. BUT, there are quite a few audiophiles whom also visit here to complain about their tender eardrums. Could you please use the comfuser sort thingie and tell them fine folks where they can send them new microphones, cameras, and editing equipment to? I am sure that they, being here, would be more than happy to help you with your video recording efforts. Y’all are doing fantastic telling this guy how lousy his sound is, cough up, or blow it out yer pie hole. I really enjoyed the experience, can’t figger what their issue is, but my ears ring all the time from a loud work background. You make me laugh, so I keep coming back.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars OneManShow says:

    Anybody else watch these videos the day they come out… only to be alerted 2-3 days later that AvE just now created some fresh new piping hot content… which happens to be the exact same thing you already watched?

    I mean… it’s not just AvE’s stuff either…
    I don’t understand.

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