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It'll make nightshift. probably.

Blue seal, i swear it's just frost on my mustache got a scaviol cylinder we're in the field here. Just gon na. Try very quickly ascertain the wire twos and y4s before we get into the meat of her get on the gargler, the jazz hands routine and look up hydraulic injection injury. If that ain't enough to put some shuffle in your slippers, i don't know what is never ever.

Look for a hydraulic leak with your presta digitators, because you will die to regret it problem. The first wiper is blowing out of her. The wiper just keeps the schmoo out of the internal organs. I don't think that's the main problem.

However yeah there we go. We found ourselves a squirter might have been cool a few years ago, but turns out it's just piss. I told you i didn't blow a seal, that's technically known as a extruded o-ring. Oh you watch me screw my nut.

How you been i'm on the mend? Not the covidius got me down, we put dear sweet buddy best dog in the whole planet, sent them off to his happy hunting grounds. I was a kick in the nuts and the truck broke down. No big deal had to call a whole bunch of roosters and then psychosomatically i woke up my neck was just not from doing anything interesting, just from being like, i said, never catch old, shit's terminal anyway, wifey's uh crushed, but starting to look at new puppies. Now not that you can get one, but at least you sort of think about moving on to the next uh yeah.

I don't know what to that's a sad thing: if only there was some device in existence that would uh clap things in a vice-like grip. Ah uh, let's just make sure here, i don't see how there could be any pressure in there, but maybe temperature differential that glide goes in there pretty deep, but enough about baby doll. You ever get that feeling you're in a looney tunes cartoon. It just keeps screwing until pop goes the weasel again with the baby doll, jokes, milky deliciousness, nobody, panic i'll, get a receptacle.

Well, it was a time when i was willfully uninformed. Well. We all were jokingly, recycle this right back from words. It came in the mother earth gaia.

However, now we know better, you put this little spill pad on here in order to cover up the mess and that sir, that's it. Let's give us all the trouble extruded o-ring, it behooves us to remind ourselves that, when we're under a hydraulic implement doing something or it's lifting or whatever the only thing, keeping us from getting crushed like a bug is a thin layer. Chintzy nitrile, rubber, here's, the wiper. It's tore up, it's not a hydraulic seal because the lip is towards the outside.

The lip is always towards what you want to keep out in this case we're keeping out the dust dirt, not surprisingly, there's a dearth of wipers in the gac box in the away mission. However, we've got the loctite 404. Oh look at this guy. 404.

20. Bucks. A tube, sometimes partner, you get what you pay for nah. They do make a tool for this.

It makes it easier, more convenient to align and hold trade name of jill. Ah, no, i think i got enough dirty dick meters in the mix here. The duke law. Ladies and germs, he's out of here, maybe a little big yeah a little bit a little bit too big and remember dear viewer, that what you're, watching through the proscenium arch and never mind this uh better too big than too little, especially when you're on your last.

Try we'll just nip off a little bit of that be ginger careful when you're rubbing anything against any kind of sharp lip or potentially sharp lip. You only make that mistake once i have to be barb on here and cut you open from hell to breakfast, so so. Well, that didn't work having trouble getting gland in in all the way spit on it and everything gon na have to either make a tool which i got ta go back to the shop or just bring it back to the shop. It occurs to me.

I don't have a bench vise scoop them enough, for this. I'd have to weld it to the welding bench and then grind the welds off and so forth. Recall that the ancient erections erected their phallus with copper, chisels, hey bomb buddy, i'd like you to stop the video right here par for the course hammer and chisel mechanic meets firm made part. You see why it was leaking in the first it bottomed out on the treads, rather than bottom out metal to metal face to face you'd see the o-ring is not fully backed up, and that is why it extruded.

I ask again: why does everything i own turn to it's a rhetorical question? I had to go back to the shop anyway. Going with it might work. Definitely not gon na hurt. Yeah they're, not gon na do proper practice would dictate.

We have this a part machine. It a little bit deeper, a lot of blonde one deeper in order to mitigate that extrusion. However, in practical terms, how long did this thing chooch before she blew yeah? You know it's got to come apart anyway, so, let's just let her buck now, you never knew this. If you were fixing this for a client or whatever you can see.

This is fabric cobbled home, brew style because the plate, a rounded over bevel, here kind of a cut out of a bigger plate, flame cut, semi square - this didn't go deep enough, but we get to run the experiment now. How long does that luna end o-ring? Last before it extrudes, you wouldn't be able to do this if you're doing it for a client or you know, fixing it proper. This ain't that all right, she's insulated. I don't hold much hope for this, but that's the agony of do you.

Do it wrong or do you do it right when you're working for somebody else? It's easy. You know you're, building a japanese machine, a german machine. There's no question: you got to do it right, but the agony comes from constantly testing yourself in the center of town. The aegon, while testing your pitting yourself against opponents, which is actually just testing yourself.

There is no question. I've been thinking about this. There is no question as to whether you do it right or you do it wrong in the traditional, japanese or the traditional lockstep good. German sense of the word, but as north americans there's that agony you're always debating oh, do we do it? Do we do it this way? Do we when there's only one path, it's so much easier and that's why it's so much easier working on somebody else's gear, because there's no question it has to be done right, you're working for yourself, yeah on your own crap key.

I call that good enough for night shift. It is leaking because of the rod being all man-tangulated up further up the rod there at the mid-stroke or so so. This really doesn't have it's not long for this life before it sheds its mortal coil, we'll just run a real gentle like until she gives up the ghost and then we'll get her back in the shop and jb welder. Call it a piece of do a little gas lighting and stick her back on here, thanks for watching keep your decking device or out of a vice in this case,.

By AvvE

10 thoughts on “Khyber Pass cylinder repair”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Squirrely Dan says:

    Sorry about your puppers. Saying goodbye to my for legged friends has been one of the most difficult parts of my life thus far. Never easy.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg Lamb says:

    RIP to your little buddy. To the big clean shop in the sky. Where 10mm sockets are easy to find and every day is Friday.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Anthony Williams says:

    You've never really mechaniced until you're boss expects you to turn pig shit into strawberry jam.
    With nothing more than hand tools, a welder and an O ring kit.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trumpstaffel16 says:

    AvE wearing his ring while working is triggering me but it shouldn't because he's a smart guy and knows what he's doing ARHHGG

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Phillip says:

    Belated RIP for Buddy, he was a good boy (as they all are), my old pooch ain't long for this world, just keep her going as long as she can

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars levi wilder says:

    thats what mechanics lack now a days, "do I do it right oRrrrr Eeeeh"
    if it aint your own ass on the line should something fail, DO IT RIGHT.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Serrano says:

    Sorry to hear about the boy. More painful too loose them than some "legal" family members. Even when you know it's the right thing to do, only one thing makes it feel better and that's a half gallon of jack Daniels while driving your truck as fast as it'll go bare-ass in the middle of the most populated city nearby……only hope you got away without an OUI this time you fuckin bumble guy

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars benton hester says:

    Those old CAT o-ring kits had the little plastic jig and gen-u-ine Cat razor blade to make a proper 90 degree cut so it would stick together real good and be able to get tension on the damn thing in the groove to prevent it squeezing out. Oh, the good ol' days when you could actually fix shit…

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Christopher Hill says:

    good lord you actually stood next to that janky thing while its operating under load and without proper sealing or tightening, geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ByRecentDesign says:

    "The only thing holding it all back is this little piece of chincy nitrile." – Which was pieced together out of several pieces that were the wrong size, and held together with glue. Holy fuk

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