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Gandy Dancers
Hammer and Chisel a brass commemorative.

Gentlemen, welcome back to the shop, been a tough road aho of late for us huddled masses here in the outer rim. Mother earth guy is just kicking the ever living right out of us. I feel like showed up to the strip club with a mit full of coupons. Now let me tell you partner voice of experience as a hubble veteran those coupons, they don't count for when you flash up your 1400 lumen headlamp.

I might not be a gynecologist, but i'll have a look. I'm gon na make a hair loom here today and speaking of hair, it's starting to feel a hair straight back, starting to feel like a fast free, fast furious flicks that full of skinned weasel, jamming gears and cleaning smears, not enough down a trip down. Mammary lane. My poor sweet dead dog before we put him in the ground, sent him on his way to the happy hunting grounds.

We took an imprint of his paws getting a little uh choked up here, but i fingered. What i would do is get on the old confuser that etch a sketch there. The problem is because the mother earth guy is shaking the kick out of us. There's no roads in or out they're all washed out.

I can't go to alberta and i can't go the coast down to the big smoke. Also, us rural lights got no internet. You might be wondering why i haven't been uploading. Oh because i haven't been making anything, but also as a culinary to that.

I got no tinternet, so if i do got tinder now, just because i beg borrowed or steal a couple of ones and zeros in order to get this uplifted, so we got buddy's hoof print here and what i want to do is embellish this emblazon. This permanent wise on a nice piece of frozen cockstiff bronze stock. Well, i've got a manual c and see this on account of confusion, 360, not being able to speak to the mothership, get more for your money, money, yeah right until the nsa can't track you anymore, and then the cloud don't work. And now you can't access your files and it is so forth.

The jesus thing won't even chooch. It occurs to me this might be straight brass, there's a way to find out bearing material hmm. Well, i want to be softer than the other and being as it's copper and zinc. The brass is quite a bit softer shouldn't ring and the bronze should ring.

I would say: that's: brass, not bronze. My mistake, no matter we'll buck us off around here and then well, you'll see here's the old mechanics tracing paper. Dirty fingers are good, for something being is how that's cold as a bronze bidet cold as a witch's tatas, that's going to take a while to flash off so we'll be able to move this around a little bit. We've got our witness dirt marks in order to get us close.

What the jesus is out. Some up in the rafters. Not to worry prudence is on the case. Oh she's, not wearing a mask.

I fear for my life chainsaw file because you don't need a handle. Huh, if it cuts steel, it'll cut paper, chainsaw gas axe, sorry, a little freudian slop there axe file little toy there now just be some wabi-sabi effect. Nothing is perfect. Nothing is temporous huh, my god, that's a blunderbuss of a hammer, see if i can't get my pinker's hammer here, my jewelers that'll.

Do these old craftsman ball peens man, that was the cockford ollie. I don't make them like that anymore, a little rust on that i'll knock off. I sit in the back of the tractor there for the longest time they walk through water. They walk through mud.

They come to this place called the bucket of blood. I ripped straight off our al burnside blues musician from massive sloppy, but hey good enough for the rolling stones good enough for the beatles good enough for the grateful dead good enough for the beastie boys, good enough for eminem i'll steal and block people's music to get Wealthy, if i play my cards right by the end of this i'll, be a hundred air, they walk up to the bar, keep say: hey man, you got something to eat, give him a dirty glass of water and a tough ass piece of meat. You don't know who i am frank, my man, i don't give a god damn a young man fully fledged and yet a slave to his ego becomes a monster. As my daughter says, people are monsters, but you do your best to keep it in check, because if you're not able to be a monster, you will be a monster's prey.

By that time the bartender was going to rest. You see i pumped six of these rockets in his goddamn chest. His mother came out from behind the bar. I know my son can't be dead.

You see, you're, not a fully fledged human unless you've been flushed fledged from the nest. That is, you've, spread your wings and flew, and the fact that he was in his mother's house, with no mention of his father indicates that he was not a fully fledged man. I said i know my son can't be dead. Look at the hole in that dirty motherfucker's head: you may be bad.

Your name may be stag, but you best not be here when billy long bad, billy long gets back. By that time you could hear a pin hit the floor. Bad billy long just walked in the door. Stag you like a chance to run before i reach for my gun.

I won't ruin the ending for you. Rl burnside right holy terror of a blues man and the irony is not lost on me and that that track has polluted with the laughter and jeering of a young dude now stag, oh lee was a real man and stag, of course, like a stag, a heart, A deer all on his own, without community, without friends, he likely didn't, have the wherewithal the social wherewithal to maintain friendships being a quite obvious social, sociopath narcissist. You know killing someone over a slight over a dis. Not only demeans the person you kill, but it it demeaned.

Stag, as i say, stagger lee was a real person, a brother born in texas in the 1800s i say brother because we share the same mitochondrial dna mitochondria. Now, every cell of your body is the energy system that supplies life. We have the same if you are human. You share your maternal mitochondrial dna with me and every other human on the planet.

So i do say brother quite earnestly, but also he was a black man and he came to epitomize the machismo, independent stag thinking. But if you scratch the surface and look deeper, it's a cautionary tale. Real story was somebody knocked his hat off name of bad billy. Long but it transmogrified into an oral tradition and a well.

They made songs about it, field, chants and gandhi dancers. If you've never seen, gandy dancers now, youtube does not hold the width and breadth of human endeavor, but there is some beautiful germs there and if you uh look down in the doobly-doo, i will attach a movie of historic gandy dancers, a group of men, singing chants And just a reefing on crowbars in order to dance railroad rails back in place after they've, been heat, checked or moved by flooding, or it's an amazing, an amazing sight to see so. The urban myths oral histories, transmogrified stag into a seer someone who was born with a call c-a-a-u-l - that is a a sheath over his face, which is indicative of someone who can see past the veil into the other world into the beyond. As sixth sense, i see stagger lee despite his call.

Despite his ability to see past the everyday, the mundane and into the ethereal still succumbed to his baser instincts and allowed the beast to become him, and there do well a reprobate, a vagabond, as opposed to a house bond, a husband who is bound to his home. We have a vagabond who is bound vegas, which is wander in latin and bound like a band, but he is bound to his wandering leashed, free and yet unfree to wander in search of pleasure. There's a very much baser instinct. We can tell it's a baser instinct.

One of our largest nerves is the vagus nerve, the wandering nerve. It controls your parasympathetic system, that is your breathing and also your pooping, and that is why it is so utterly painful to jump into cold water. It's so painful. It makes you want to your pants and, if you, it's so powerful that, if you're not able to control your base, or instance, you're not able to quell your screaming vagus nerve when you go into cold water within a minute.

If you can't get your breathing under control, you will die, you'll lose control of your limbs and you will drown much the same as if we cannot control our baser instincts. We will drowned like stagger leaded so h, whilst we're on the subject of cultural appropriation in the name of nerd rage and red nile. I give you the song of their people. The solution appears to be working nicked time for some.

Oh ammonium hydroxide. It's just acetic acid vinegar, but when it's in a beaker ma na mana squirt squirt see what that does. That's unveiled degree there see if you want something to corrode quickly. What do you do? You drive it on the highway in the winter? How are we going to drive this thing on the highway in the winter, with the town they even tied last in order to block, and this get some ammonia to boil it and didn't find any ammonia? What i did find was shocking and ghastly because the two main arteries are blocked off.

There's no groceries coming in, of course, as any prepper will tell you any city. In north day, america got about three days worth of spare. Food people are freaking the out. It's it's absurd.

Not only is it the most miserable time of the year just to boot, christmas uh, also the people's precarity is being tweaked. You know, i don't have enough. I'm gon na starve to death. It's yeah.

It felt like the last jumbo shrimp on a carnival cruise that can of beans is not gon na help you from filling that anxiety void, just put that out there right now, there's so much food out there. We got the queen growing acres upon untold millions of acres of pine cones. Besides that, most of us could do well to lose 20 pounds to say nothing of the untold millions upon millions of plump fresh long pig still on the hoof. When the time comes.

You'll know what to do this unflappability, this aristocratic stiff upper lip can be explained in a number of ways. It all amounts to the same thing in the words of gangstar full clip. I give no man or thing a power over me. That's the idea that reuben carter, the hurricane when he got out of prison.

Finally, he didn't seek retribution. He didn't seek any payments because in his mind they couldn't take away what wasn't freely. Given that's a powerful idea in eastern philosophies, this unflap ability of having someone else's ego, try and goad you into anger is actually you allowing yourself to be enslaved by a thing or someone else. You ever notice you're dealing with a narcissist and they're on a rant.

They're, trying to piss you off saying nasty things and the the the worst thing you can do to them is to be unflappable and say nothing at all. That silence just allows their turd that they just took to ferment there in the open air for all to see and it really it dissuades them from ever attacking you again. The beautiful thing is about bullies. You don't got to be tougher than the bully.

You just got to be tougher than the next schlub and they move on to an easier target. You.

By AvvE

13 thoughts on “Manual cnc heirloom cowboy philosophy”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Glen DeLong says:

    Once as a youngen had a ww2 ace tell me "never met a man I ever liked, never met a dog I didn't." The older I get the truer the words. Sorry about the passing.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ted Williams says:

    beautiful… in peace buddy. in the great armchair in the sky…even buddy can catch a hotdog without a try. thank you ave for teaching a little something to those who still have a thought. happy thanksgiving.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marcus Dandaneau says:

    It is just a short flight to the abode of Shiva, especially for the soul of a good dog. So many yummy foodies await and there's always a fresh stick or pesky squirrel to chase. Sacred Cowperson Philosophy

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vandy Fixer says:

    I'm not crying, you're crying. Lost my beautiful four pawed friend in June, you talking about your mate Buddy gets me right in the feels.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garrett Devitt says:

    I had a Bob, or Robert if you you were feeling formal. I miss his smell, the feel of his fur, the weight of his head on my leg, his stupidly waggy tail, and his enthusiasm for life and walks. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Toby-wan says:

    Lost my little buddy last week. I'm still a bit worse for wear but I'm slowly processing it.
    That was a beautiful heirloom and sorry for your loss.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Smith says:

    I'm surprised you got through it without a waterproof camera. I know that memories vault must have been very therapeutic and a long time in the works.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheSchmidtsu says:

    If you want to get a ring out of anything do the math. Hold the piece about 1/3 the way down and strike. You can get a ring even out of a pine board. Somethin to do with harmonics. Different fractions, different tone.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jason Smith says:

    The amount of work that went into the box is astounding, and brass print is pretty amazing too. It’s ruff loosing a good loyal friend.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sean Chandler says:

    I recently bought a fiber laser, and have some brass in stock.. you want one to mount? Keeping all the little paw dimples and the lot?

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Next Solution says:

    Ave, I would like to send a project I have been working on this afternoon to you. Reach out if you are interested.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Canadian RobJ says:

    Most Importantly: Glad you and yours are unharmed in the floods.
    Secondly: Supremely impressed with sculpting skills, and commitment to the task of creating Buddy's memorial.
    Lastly: Sense a case of the feels coming on… hafta go now.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Like Bot says:

    You could just go to the town well and bring back a couple of buckets of internet to carry you though the weekend, y'know…

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