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Cash is debt. Don't sweat the petty. Pet the sweaty.

Hello Fire intact. To paraphrase Kirken Guard: Money is only representative. It's an abstraction. It's not real.

An abstraction is an idea that only exists in your head. I Hear you this guys Dollared in a pound of butter. Why would I drag my carcass out of bed? air mourned out of the mind. Uh, brass in and go look for some shiny Pebbles Some fella in New York City name a black rock in order to get my beer tokens.

Sweet sweet beer tokens. Unless they were real? Well, they are real. But money is not money is debt. It's a trap.

What was sprung long before we were sired. I'll be around long after, but it doesn't actually exist. It's trust. It is Sanctified it is an idea.

Made Real By the sanctification of human consciousness I Trust somebody made this and I trust that I will be able to go and trade it for goods and services only. This is real money only I Go and try and buy a lollipop with it and it ain't no good at all. Why is that? Because no one trusts that This particular money is going to buy them anything what you need because it's from Bosnia and Herzegades now. I'm under no preclusions that I Need money to keep my lights on, keep my family fed, keep the wife out, keep the fuel in the tank.

We all need money. But where's that money come from? It's out of thin air. It comes from debt. You take out a loan from your bank and you securitize it against an asset that you have, say your home I Want a bunch of money I Want a hundred dollars for this here Shanty Shack And the bank comes by and says, well, it's worth two hundred dollars.

So yeah, sure, if you don't pay us back, we will take this 200 Shanty check. But here here's a hundred bucks. How do they get the money? Now the Commercial Bank what gave me the money goes to the Central Bank that in the States it's called the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve goes. no problem Partner: I'll print you that money, but you're gonna pay me back of the hundred plus two percent.

So a hundred and two dollars now I'm gonna print you a hundred dollars right here and now and then You think to yourself, well, wait a second. how can I pay back a hundred and five dollars when there's only an extra hundred dollars that the FED is printing. That means that we are counting on the FED printing more money in the future so that there is enough money in circulation so that I can actually pay back the hundred and five even though it doesn't exist yet I'm trusting that it will exist in the future. Now, the Federal Reserve is not the government.

It's not a part of the government. It's a bank. and it's actually owned by commercial bankers. If you look at who owns the New York Fed, the New York Fed is owned by commercial Banks It's owned by City group and by JPMorgan Chase.

So the bank, what's printing money for the government is actually owned by corporate bankers. Weird situation, right? What happens when the government wants money? They don't have any asset to borrow against. So what they do is they write a bond to the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve buys those bonds. So if the government wants a hundred bucks, they don't have to put up their Shanty Shack.

They put up a Government Bond saying we promise to pay you the hundred that we borrowed plus another five. you're going to print out 102. We're going to take that hundred and that extra two percent is actually there's how do we explain this? It's another layer of tax. Essentially, singer is a French word means Lord but it also means bleed blood.

So the Lords used to bleed their serfs for money and this is the same thing that happens with the Federal Reserve. There's a singarage fee and that's around two percent. Every time they print out money, two percent goes to the government. It's a lot better than.

it's. not as bad as it sounds because some places in like in Africa the French government France prints their money and the singaraj goes to the French government. You can't make this up. Why would an African country pay France to print its money? It doesn't make a sense.

And not to disparage the French for their post-colonialism in Africa the America everybody's doing the same I I prefer a softer Kindler machine gun hand and getting back to the states. The reason it's so important is because it's the Greenback is the world. Reserve Currency: Most of the large Financial transactions in the world are done with greenbacks for ease of use because there's an inherent trust built into it. There's a huge economy behind it.

Now you go anywhere in the world. Chances are you can spend a Greenback you know I I can go to Cambodia right now and go and buy one of them big black horny beetles in hot sauce for a Greenback I can't do that with a Canadian dollar. Nobody will accept it. but all over the world you go into people's uh sock drawer and there'll be a little bit of American currency hard currency filed away for a rainy day and that Reserve currency is created by people and institutions and countries taking out debt.

So those greenbacks are debt. and who ultimately creates all this debt? All these debt certificates is the Federal Reserve who is owned by commercial Banks And what are commercial Banks Beholden to shareholders profit. So it's a game and the game is fixed. It has no basis in reality.

Our Consciousness makes it real because our Consciousness is what gets us out of bed to go to work for paying the rent. But where's that money come from? It gets transmogrified from debt out of thin air. It's it's magic and Canada is no better. In fact, it might be worse because it's quite a bit more opaque.

However, we seem to be fiscally slightly less bombastic or say buccaneering is a good word for it. We'll get back to that privateering buccaneering in 74. Trudeau Senior took us off of the Bank of Canada being controlled by Canada and it being controlled by Commercial Banks We needed to do that in order to get onto some International Board of some sort. But yeah, Trudeau We used to be municipalities used to be able to go to the Bank of Canada and get zero interest loans for infrastructure worthy infrastructure projects.

and now, uh, those infrastructure projects have to sell municipal bonds to commercial Banks Again, commercial. Banks So we are, as a people now, beholden to Commercial Banks There's no different. It's based on the Bank of England as well and the Bank of England that was a private bank. closely traded shares from 1877.

None of the shares got traded hands. The government of the UK owns the Bank of England now, but it holds all the shares in Trust and there was a Freedom of Information Act request to see who owns those shares and uh, they got denied By Her Majesty's government. You're not allowed to know who owns the Bank of England Well, essentially, the game is fixed, the Trap has been sprung and we're in it. We ain't getting out.

I How How would you get rid of the current system? I Don't know. Maybe have it go back to the gold standard, but then we lose all the advantages. Yeah, gold, you can't spend it. You're always trading gold for dollars anyway.

So having a bunch of metal shiny metal sitting around yeah, maybe a little bit is okay. But you're far better off investing in yourself in your capacity to do things for other people that will, no matter what happens, be extremely useful and you'll be able to trade that for dollar A, dues or corn maze or beer tokens give unto Caesar What is Caesar So long as you have enough money to service your debts, you're okay. It's when you get stick your neck too far out and then they squeeze the supply of the money. Remember, they don't print enough money to pay all the debts in existence.

so the people who have stuck their neck out and are marginally overextended. As soon as they start to squeeze that money supply, they're going to shake out the weekends and they're going to go and take their lollipops. So just be careful. it's all a game and the game is fixed.

So as long as you're not in the bottom 20 percentile. and listen, they're not going after poor people. They don't give a about poor people. They'll give them money to keep them schlepping along because the nature of government is expansion and well.

and it's also the nature of business is expansion. But I would argue that government is the business of Monopoly. They take the public trust and they disperse it to big huge corporations. you just try as an independent, go and try and sell firewood to a Provincial Park into a Provincial Park Can't do it because you don't have the licensing, you don't have the insurance, You don't have the connections to such and such party.

You don't. So the government in a lot of Senses is a way of dispersing the public trust into huge corporations. Now the government is what is called anti-fragile I would say that's a very terrible way to explain it. It's not resilient.

It actually thrives on chaos. It is anti-fragile which is buccaneering, which is privateering. This idea that you get a letter of Mark which is a monopoly to go and sail the Seas and Destroy and take booty from your enemies bequeathed from the king who allows you to go on the Open Sea and steal and pillage. So this is the idea of anti-fragility and anti-fragile systems are very, very powerful at taking advantage of Chaos.

What is government but anti-fragile It's buccaneering. As soon as there's chaos, what's it do? It expands as we plainly saw. Look at the M2 money supply. Look at the money supply in the States.

Starts off down here. it's pretty pretty and then it's parks. Takes advantage of Chaos in order to expand. when in panic, when in doubt, run in circles, yell and Shout Knowing it's a little disconcerting.

but it's a lot better knowing because you can also grow your anti-fragility Knowing that they're going to try and knock off about 20 percent of the rich people, they say they're coming after the middle class. They're actually going after middle upper middle class to rich people. So I got another worry about while you're wrapping your head around that it's better to know far better to know than to not know. At least you can see what's going on.

chaos in the world, and the government is taking advantage of that buccaneering in expanding into that chaos. That's what it does. so we'll see in, we ain't even close to done yet. There's lots more coming down the pike, lots more horrific stuff coming down the pike and you can see that Empire starts to fray at its edges.

see Sri Lanka fall and we see little Banks here and there. Falling We see all kinds of little countries all over the place, kind of defaulting on its debt. They want to be able to have countries default on their debt because they can step in and loan them more money in exchange for something in exchange for collateral, exchange for concessions. What they're essentially trying to do if you look at this: okay, uh Turtle he ain't doing so hot here in Canada And there's a follow-up by the meaning of Mark Carney got offered.

hey, why don't you come? You're a liberal, why don't you come and be the Prime Minister He said quite frankly, it's a reduction in my duties. He was the Governor of the Bank of Canada and the Governor of the Bank of England And he's a straight up killer shark. straight up kill Iran Uh, London marathon in three hours and 30 minutes at 50 years old. This guy's no joke partner.

So when he tells you something, you listen I read his book and the subtext is what they are doing. So you're gonna bring in Universal basic income because the more money they can disperse from the government, the more money their cronies get. Because you and I you know we don't get I'm not getting any grants for the government for uh, making videos in front of my you know, this ain't it partner. This consolidation and the power of central banks to print currency for various Nations began in the 1800s and continued on through the 1900s with first the Bank of England and so forth and so on.

We can see all the very best people as described in Barry Linden that uh, nearly unwatchable Kubrick flick because of the poor acting. But it's very interesting that Barry Lyndon comes to the king and is introduced because he wants a lordship When the king is informed that Barry Linden has raised a small army of men to go over and fight in France on the king's behalf, the king replies Square in the nuts to Barry Linden Wonderful. Why don't you get another Army together and go with them. This is the British aristocracy at its best.

the the very best people as described in Berryland. Now this is an exclusive club and it's interesting because I recently read in uh, Butlers to the world a book that if you're in the club, they will refer to you by your first name, never your last name. But if you are not in the club you are referred to much as a servant would be referred to only by your last name, not Mr, not Mrs but only by your last name. And so it's interesting to look at the corresponducts betwixt the Governor of the Bank of England the former Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney and the office of the ex-chequer who happens to be a lord of very high standard refers to the Governor of the Bank of England as Mark He is definitely in the club.

In the words of his Lady of Perpetual cynicism. George Carlin it's a big club and you ain't in it. but all around the periphery of Empire all the little pawns fall first. King Dollar The Destroyer makes those governments default on their debt.

Not a problem, the IMF will come in and Loan the money to get them through. but they're going to require concessions. They're going to tell them. Listen, you need to uh Tamp down on your spending here.

You need to make it miserable for your citizens. But what will happen is this: Mark Carney It's not the Governor of the Bank of England anymore. He's on to this Cop 27 Cop 28 which is climate change stuff. what they're gonna do.

Remember, in order to issue more loans to make more money, they need collateral for that. And government bonds ain't going to do it. When your government has collapsed, what is going to do? it is the natural world. They are going to commodify, commoditize, and securitize the natural world.

It is worth trillions and trillions of dollars. If they can figure out a way to get us as Nations to commodify our land, our air, our water, all of those rights. What are the Nations? Well, what are The Wealth of Nations are now going to be commodified and traded in markets? That's what they're aiming for. And in order to be able to do that, they need more control.

In order to do that, they need more chaos so that they can expand into that chaos. So it's not a question of if it's a question to win just to let you know what's going on.

By AvvE

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    Great rant. Most will not understand

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    It’s no coincidence that the wittiest channel on the internet is also the wokest. Exquisite content. If you knows, you nose.

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    Get to emptying out the ash outta that fire place son

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Christos Kellner says:

    Actually, the greenback used to be widely accepted in the world as you mentioned. Today, however, it's not the case. No country using Euro, for example, will accept other currency. In the balkans, you can use local currency and Euro but, nobody will accept US currency. Perhaps the first step toward the dollar not being the world's currency.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Elijah R says:

    Bro clean that ash out of there lol

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeremy Robbins says:

    This is how the small group takes over each nation to form a one world gov under the UN. Satan's kingdom, but it will only be for a short time as he plans on killing as many as possible before they Repent to God. The faster he can claim your soul, the more souls he gets to take with him into the pit.

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    I have that very stove

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeremy Robbins says:

    Soon there will be many financial, famine, war, climate and health issues to come upon our world. The Tribulation of the bible is starting very soon IF not already.

    Repent from the ways of this world and turn your heart to seek God.

    You do not need to join the wicked where they are going. <3

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Dave says:

    “Give me control over a nation's currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”

    -Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743–1812)

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    I now have “Antifragile,” by le sserrafim stuck in my head – in part because my 14-year-old fills my acoustic life with k-pop, but also because it’s just so darn catchy!

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    The solution to all problems is Bitcoin

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