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Quickly rusting plated bolts.

Gentlemen's welcome back to the shop just the tip and only for a minute we're going to do a quick science, video on bolt, uh rustification, we're doing some restoration here in the shop. I've been noticing that fella's doing restorations get a mighty fine bunch of views. Who'da thunk that some homoerotic workshop action of a fella polishing, a less than turgid tool on camera into a glorious device, would get over 40 million views boy howdy, i think they're they're on to something. Also they don't talk in those ones.

So it might be a lesson in there, but this is not that what i want to do is i got something with some heart: some soul, some old gear. What we're raster rating i got to get some rusty, bolts problem being you can't just buy a period piece off the shelf. You got to get on float of this. That's pretty much! Why i'm in the shop most of the time! In this case, you can't buy rusty bolts, you find them all over, but you can't buy them and because you can't buy them, you can't get them the girth and length what you need.

This bolt has a zinc, phosphate coating. This is a chemical process strictly chemical, wherein you have the steel bolt, which would be pickled and asked degreased and pickled in acid, and then dipped in a chemical solution of zinc, phosphate and that zinc phosphate. Salt is in an acid, the acid, pickles or etches. The steel base, and as it does, that the ph of that solution drops enough to make the zinc phosphate precipitate out of solution, and it forms a very fine film black film.

On top of that, that is a chemical action. An electrochemical protection in this case is zinc. Dichromate two steps: well, a number of steps decrease, of course. Well, you roll form the threads, and then you punch the head.

Then you degrease, and then you zinc, plate, electro plate with zinc, and then you dip it in a chemical solution of dichromate, hexavalent chromium and that puts on that little gold sheen there they used to have cadmium. If you see the sheen of this versus the dichromate zinc, dichromate, there's a kind of greenish sheen to it. That's cadmium, they've gone away from cadmium because it's a heavy metal now they have not gone away from hexavalent chromium. For some reason, i guess it's maybe not as neurotoxic or maybe some other lobbyists is better endowed.

Who knows, but in this case we have cadmium plated on the steel bolt and then dichromate. The dichromate is a chemical process as well. The cadmium plating, as i said, electrochemical they don't make those anymore now what they do is they do zinc dichromate. So we got to get the chromate and the zinc off and the rust on um out the side, better ventilation out here, i'm going to use some muriatic acid.

You of course could use vinegar, but it would be slower. Muriatic acid is a as an etchant to concrete so be sure to engage your safety squints and wear your double rubbers in this case. I'ma just be careful and i'm out the side, because this puts off some nasty vapors quite choking, and you wouldn't want anybody to think you got the wuhan flu. Stick you in a internment camp.

Well, that's choochin, and this is gon na work, because if it didn't work, you wouldn't be seeing this unless it was a spectacular failure, of course. Well, that's a choo-choo we're going to get ourselves some water, some salt, which i happen to have in rock form here for the water softener that hard water in the outer rim, hydrogen peroxide per oxide. It's got more oxygen, ergo, it oxidizes more better! Oh, that's nicely done, mix up some of that salt in there lo and behold already rusted. Now the discerning eye amongst us can tell that that is fresh rust.

So what we'll go ahead and do let's do a couple applications, let it dry out and then reapply and if it still looks like fake as a brand new rust. What we can do is heat it up with a torch a little bit and blocking kind of make it anhydrous iron oxide rather than hydrous. That is take the water out of her. I'm going to show you again in the light on account of it being pretty.

Damn satisfacting, and that is how you get a rusty bolt quicker than the underside of a chevy pick-em-up truck in the winter in michigan. I'm sure there's a more lyrical way to say that, but you'll get the point thanks for watching keep your dick in a vice. I've been taking a page out of the scandal, whovian's book whopping, the vitamin d. To me: that's not the vitamin d.

I give to baby doll mind you once a year it's coming up soon too. Oh yeah, it's starting to feel quite a bit better, my head, although vaguely nauseated, i think that's what happiness is supposed to feel like. Isn't it i. I got a joke.

I stole from the brothers here on the youtube. You know i i don't like like listening to the beatles music for decades and loving it and then realizing they ain't as cool as they made out to be. They quoted a lot of a lot of the best riffs or somebody else's that they stole. So i don't like to do that.

Everybody's favorite, brimping boy, emperor thrust and turtle got reelected. Thank the jesus, at least hey all, hail. Presidents group, at least we know what we're getting no surprises there. There's uh ethno biologists, there an ethno-sociologist it just got a grant from the government to study the blue-collar, quebec, diaspora and its effect on canadian cultures to have a modicum sorry.

I i'm pre-laughing at my own jokes to have a a modicum of accountability or uh senility or you know, whatever they call it. Here's the thing about people who are real edumacated. Not only are they smart but it pre-selects for people who are able to put up with hey so it pre-selects people who are obedient and that's why you get these uh. These circle, jerks of ideas that nobody else can have any idea, because they don't have the the gravitas of a certificate.

Well, that gravitas up as a certificate if you've been through any amount of schooling. You know it comes with a certain amount of because who, amongst us, has not taken an exam where none of the questions are anything remotely that the lecturer was lecturing on? How the does that happen, and why is that part of the process? It's because they want. You they want to filter out the people who aren't able to just obey, there's a reason for that: okay. So anyway, this fella gets a big grant from justin throw to study some uh.

He flies out some uh some north shore from labrador, some quebecois and they're. The three of them they're sitting in their chairs kind of out of sorts in their in their frocks and their little pot bellies with their big meat sausage fingers crossed in their laps. You know dudefully waiting and the professor gives a spiel we've been uh, given the opportunity to give a course to young students about them and so forth, and so on and in order to uh justify our existence. We need to it's largely a ceremonial role, but we need to have a real live quebecois on board with this course.

You know what for teaching the students don't talk to a mind and in my 40 years of pedagogical experience i have found that i can ask one very pertinent question and determine the proper candidate for the job instantaneously, such as my expertise. So i ask you jean-pierre jean-gee and jean jean: what is the fastest thing in the world? Oh jagi zhangi. Would you enlighten us please? Well me there. I think the fastest thing in the world is uh.

I think you know because uh you thought this and then bam there. It is gone. So a thought is the fastest thing in the world. Oh very, very enlightening, jump yeah! Thank you very much or was it jungie? I can't remember you all look alike to me.

Jeanie your illustrious colleague here gave a wonderful answer. I don't know how you're going to top it, but please elucidate us jean gee says i think the fastest thing in the world stern light light light is the fastest thing in the world. Well, it's quite fast. I grant you, but no no, no, the light, you flick the light open and it's on you flick the light close and there it is gone huh.

Well, that's a pretty good answer junkie. Now you jean-jean do, you think, is the fastest thing in the world. The fastest thing in the world is la diare. Diarrhea is the fastest thing in the world.

I fly you from quebec on the taxpayer's dime. In order to interview you for this illustrious position - and you come at me with a a poop joke jean jean. No, no no hear me out hear me out: no, no, that is the fastest thing in the world siparska before you can even think to flick the light. It's already too late cheers to you brothers for not allowing me to steal that it's a rather rambling rendition in the spirit of norm mcdonald may he rust in pieces.

I don't know who you stole it from, but she's a gooder spanx.

By AvvE

13 thoughts on “Reverse Restoration”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J.Gilman says:

    I did something similar removing the shiny coating from galvanized pipe to match 80-year-old light fixtures. Why can I not get Robertson’s fasteners in the US?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alin Trinca says:

    JESUS. I never thought that AvE would remind me of my late grandfather. I cannot thank you enough. This is the first joke i remember from him. I hardly remember him nowadays. A treat especialle indeed.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wizzle says:

    Yep. I drive a Chevy Truck in the winter in Michigan. On a 50 degree day you can sit outside with a wobble pop and literally hear the salt destroying your shit. It's sad.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rocketsurgeon11 says:

    Hexavalent chromium…BAD stuff! Erin Brockovich made her name because of that stuff. Used to use it a LOT in aircraft…at least for interiors, it is not 99% gone!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kris P says:

    Need to rust anything metal ? Try dipping it in freshly made plaster of paris for a couple of days, remove said plaster…and voila, brand new hamade rust !

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KN B says:

    Any chance of getting a tutorial on electroplating parts? As a gearhead Keeping my parts from disintegrating Into oxide Is like Investing in stocks.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John S says:

    I left a plastic tub of muriatic acid in my shop overnight with no lid next to the door thinking it would be enough ventilation. Returned the next day and discovered every single piece of steel and iron in the shop had a film of black rust. I learned the hard way, just not the hardest way.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Addmix says:

    It's not education, its indoctrination. If a paper from an institution is what you consider education, you arent very educated, only indoctrinated into that line of thinking.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Addmix says:

    Careful there AvE, dont you know that the term "Wuhan Flu" is racist, xenophobic, and probably sexist and homophobic too?

    Wouldnt want you to be arrested for any such crime living in a land o' so free of original though.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BigO Basement Prod. says:

    Ah my job for the last 22yrs…I felt a true connection in this vajajay….I plate bake and chromate…Electro…and Phos. We switched to Trivalent some years back… Hexavalent is some nasty eat your nose right off your face shit…mind you it also leaches into the ground off fasteners of yesteryear in all applications that end up in junkyards….That Erin Brockovich knows a lil bout that…

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ctdieselnut says:

    I heard that joke with a different setup 20 yrs ago. Same exact punchline. Idc, I don't mind rehearing it told by ave, the delivery and timing is half of it.

    RIP norm macdonald. Ps, his style of a long winded story filled with irrelevant details punctuated with a anticlimactic punchline, is sometimes referred to as a 'shaggy dog story.' Learned that from searching norms wiki when I heard he passed. Make of that what you will.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Murray Horn says:

    On the cadmium: Some studies suggest our bodies confuse cadmium for estrogen. If I remember correctly the experiment involved a thickening in uteral wall in female mice that had been exposed to cadmium. Similar to what we see in elivated estrogen levels (pregnancy or that time of the month). The fear is that using cadmium on products, ends with cadmium in landfills, then ground water, and before you know it, you have an effeminate male population. The women are fine, they're geared for estrogen.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Riley says:

    "Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it." – Sir Terry Pratchett

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