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Gentlemen, welcome to this fine winter eventide scrapping with the better three characters. I always get. The last word mind. Yes, dear i've unearthed some arcana working through the layers cleaning up here in the shop behold.

The cockford ollie torx structomatic writing bit of a salty patina to her, but enough about baby doll. What i found over yonder - oh i'm, stuck on my microphone here - yeah bear with me - bear with me artistic cinematographic shots over here in the green toolbox storage area. It's all color-coded mind, except for that brown, one in the middle behold, a skidmore vilhelm just below the topsoil, my old metric clock ever seen. One of them goes by base 10, ah watch glasses, son of a diddly.

Looking for those the other day. You know it's good. When it comes in a british racing, green metal toolbox, oh and she's got some gravity two or two uh. I think five grand i betcha, that's the yankee green bucks connect the stand co-packs, i bet you'll be 10 grand.

Although the state of the world and the brandon bucks being printed in the basement there, the fed might be even more than that skidmore vilhelm green road cleveland, ohio model m. What we have here is a bolt tension, calibrator, all things being equal. That is the coefficient of friction on the threads. The bolt tension is directly proportional to the input torque.

That is, if you graft it out on the x and y bolt tension versus torque, it would be directly proportional a straight line. As we know, there is nothing plumb and square in all of nature, so there's gon na be some around that, but this is the tool what people who design impact wrenches use to measure the output torque. This didn't come by chance by the way a dildo newfoundland, nay, it came the other side. It came from the universitad of institute of technology on account of some professor got tired of trying to teach the masters student, how to run the lab and it got put on the government auction site old, justine.

Trudeau sold this to me fair and square for a song now, there's other fellas on the youtubes. What used to have one of these devices with the electronicals? It was honest, abe's, non-shill tool, reviews and then, as soon as he stopped getting paid. Lo and behold, the channel dried up interesting how that works, how ain't saying i'm just saying but there's also young fellas, what built their own one of these, and it is a torque test channel and those guys are fair dinkum. They do a fair test and it'll be interesting to experiment with this to see if we can get the same results.

Of course, experimentally. If you cannot get the same results with your sciencing, then the experiment was a failure. If you cannot replicate the results, your experiment was a failure, but i would be surprised if we got the same kind of numbers with this device as with the other device, because all of the tool manufacturers use this device in order to rate their breakaway torques and Their full torques and all that kind of torques, so the tool is optimized to get the best numbers out of this system and, of course, if you change the fastener, if you change anything in here, it changes the harmonics and the resonance of the entire system. I don't know if you've listened to an impact gun, but there is a harmonic there there's a resonance there and that will affect the results which we will see.

As i say, a fair bit of gravity to her. Oh, oh yeah. I thought i was gon na. Have to reenact my wedding night, there a little too girthy story of my life, but she slid right in what we have in here is a big hydraulic cylinder and, as we torque up this nut, it squeezes the hydraulic fluid which may be a grease and causes The holy hopefully well, we might need to do some repairs, hopefully causes the needle to move.

So that's a fine thread. Uh one inch three, now, seven, eight now that's yeah, that's one inch, so that'd be 12 threads per inch. I bet you uh we're looking at 700 foot-pounds required, of course, the bolt the tension on the bolt itself, clamping load of something like forty thousand pounds, which uh you take the clamping load by the effective area or the cross-sectional area. You're, probably looking at something like 75 000 psi through that bolt just at its regular clamping load, so that should show on here when it's up at 700 pounds.

It should show right around 7 500 or no well, there's a one inch bolt there at 51, but i think that's probably coarse thread. If you have a look at that scale, there does have some additional data. One inch bolt sort of in the middle right around the 50 000.. Let's stick an impact gun on her see.

If we can't get the thing chooch an inch, uh that'd be about an inch and a half socket rattle out around. I think we'll be okay. There's a no leaks up in here, it looks like it hasn't, been used all that much still got the paint on the nut. An inch at seven ah keep looking.

What are the odds? It was right the first time that never happens if you're the least bit squeamish. I urge you to look away, engage your safety squints. We have a half inch drive inch and a half chrome socket let he was without gin cast the first groan. Really, who has a half inch drive yeah.

You know at least i got it yeah we're going to use the most ubiquitous torque instrument of all the seater pants. When you rip your slacks, you know she's good toy, oh yeah, that one's like a german virgin. I said the horse before the cart punch line before the punch line, yeah, she's, good and toy. They even got a proper part stack up.

What for showing us how the thing chooches see? Aha, we got the wage and we have a little moveable pistoni. A couple. O-Rings in here is the oil bolt goes through here. Clamps.

It together squeezes out the oil into the gauge bob's, your auntie, for what we're doing testing small impact guns we're going to be around this zone. So i ask you: now: should i change this gauge just into pressure correlate that to torque. Should i keep this gauge, you know that way, there's some better granularity. The scale is better in the zone that we're going to use.

Let's back that off also, we need to confirm that it's reasonably well calibrated. What we'll have to do. I think the best option is to get a long bar and some heavy weights measure the length of the bar measure, the mass of the weights, and then we know how much torque is on it. There's the torque wrench at 150 foot-pounds we're running it.

Six thousand psi yeah, so we're going to be down on the lower end of the scale. Of course, the linearity. Oh, of course, the linearity at the low end of the scale is going to be atrocious. So if you would spare a thought about how we're going to do this, i think we got to change the gauge because it's just we're too far, we're too low on the scale to really see any appreciable difference.

Oh for frog, snacks - apparently it's a little cold here in the empire, dirt son of a snap on junk. Thanks for watching keep your dick in a vice.

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    There should be a mark on the pistion thing to show what the max travel should be.

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    proceeds to hammer a nutfocker
    I guess that's a type of an impact wrench…

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