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Gentlemen, welcome back to the shop today a proper treat, especially friday around you know. The boss got the red file folder and sharpie dark sharpie importante walking around like he's king of turd island here straight back right. Around 11 o'clock, already oddly got his golfing slacks on got ta go meet a vendor, that's right! We're gon na go into the scrap bin, take out some scrap and do a government job. The coolest known to man has always been made on the friday shift.

Getting ready for your cross shift, nobody works. Nobody gets hurt just doing these arts and crafts projects. What you'll find at yard sales and estate sales every words, gem, encrusted, gem, hammers and all kinds of goofy kind of tools and jigs what you can't buy in the store somebody made chances? Are they made it on company time? Is it stealing yeah or is it a blue collar tax? Who am i to judge, come on schwartz, you believe they were gon na, throw that out. As an added bonus, we got the dew claw working on yon tin, lizzy hold together baby.

The millennium falcon hold together she'll hold together we're trying to get some more storage together, so don't mind that the siren sweet sound of the dewclaw in the background. Well, so we got the duke law running interference on the straw boss, i'm of the tolkien school when it comes to bosses like diapers, always on your ass and invariably full of the most improper job of any man is bossing. Other men, not one in a million, is fit for it least of all those who seek the opportunity. The safety lady doesn't even look me in the eye.

Now, since she come in the shop with open hoof shoes, we'll get the fusion 360. confusion, 360 fired up. Having a little trouble with it booting, i guess it can't get on the internet. We're going to do a quick little drawing these might be past the statue, the limitations there we go now for perspicacity's sake, we'll do some machinist incense try and keep the gremlins out of the confusion.

360 keep her running. He who finishes firstest with the brownest nose wins ain't that right prudence, no ephemeral, yet opaque, constantly changing, and yet always the same. Riddle me this again. Why cloud computing is a good idea, oh right, because subscriptions so so that's the facing operation done.

It's an untested program and there is a problem, have a look at that: oopsie doodle turn down the rapid to 25, just in case it wants to drill through the center of the earth. I might be able to smash the feed hole just after it crashes. Let's pre-drill in some holes with the spotting drill carbide spotting drill, it's a 90 degree spotting drill, so i was using it in copper. It's been holding up really well.

As a twist drill. It's got a long flutes on it inching pinching a little bit. I'm sure. There's some reason why i shouldn't be using it, but for the life of me i can't think of one easier, faster, better we're coming in with a three flute: half inch rougher y rougher.

Just because i got it pretty much for production or larger runs, more important parts use the spoon cutters radiused on the tip and just straight not that corn cob rougher. I think people are getting away from using roughers, especially in aloe minimum. It seems to be working pretty good. We're gon na decrease the feed rate a little bit.

Actually, no spindle speed should be good. Ah, no, it's actually fairly slow. We're good might have a bit of a howl to it on account of the fixturing mercury being in retrograde, the alignment of the tongue and bone. Who could say it's the thing about machining, the feeds and speeds are all interdependent variables with the fixturing and the material and the quality of the coolant.

Hmm one thing i discovered running the cnc as a neophyte or maybe a little beyond neophyte. Now i muddle through just about everything, i'm not the most efficient at anything. The good machinist seems to me they're, not so worried about the end product they're more focused on just the steps that is the process of machining, not so worried about time at the first. That's the boss is worried, just focused on the process, and it is a process.

Do this, do this? Do this? Do this? Do this? Do this? Do this? I think, that's why maschine seem a little odd. It might have some differential character tweaks that allows them to focus on just the process instead of getting through the bloody thing. Now we're boring drill drilling it's a drilling step, but it's boring that's going to be a special little tweak there. Thank you.

I think you'll like it, i think, you'll like it, it occurred to me that'd, be pretty useful. I've never seen anything like it myself, you can't buy it. You got ta make it. Oh we shanked out, that's why it got all mangled.

Ah, we ran out of cutting flute there at the depth and take that into account. We make this for realsies i'll uh. Take that into account plunged down. I got the plunge, setting feed rate real low, just in case it goes into some material again.

This isn't optimized for production, it's uh, it's a friday around a little bittly or dingle dangling out there. It has to be kind of long to get into that pocket. Uh! That's one side done some friction. Stir welding hopping in there should have a look at the tool.

Oh hi stakes, whoopsie doodle focus. Thank you. Ah, a minor up there, i've had worse no low earth. Orbits can't be all bad things about these cnc machines.

If you're not 100, certain it's going to work, if you're, not certain, it's gon na work, it ain't gon na work, act 2, wherein romeo sticks, his renaissance, ruby, tip, proboscis and yonder boar. In order to get the proper results. You ask two machinists how to do something and you'll get 20 different. You get them arguing about 20 different options, but i think the best way in order to pick up this periphery contour is to single probe the zed height into g55 and then do the bore.

Maybe a little tricky because it's not a contiguous hole, there's some holes around the periphery. One thing i discovered you want to pick up a bore, it has to be smaller or it has to be larger than the ruby tip, the ruby tip being a quarter. Inch ball, however, if you have a small hole, say it's a quarter inch. What you can do is just raise it up.

So, instead of hitting on the maximum diameter of the ball, it hits down further do if you were watching close. You saw a little stutter step at the end of the cycle because it goes from where it began to where the actual center is. So if you it's a little trick, if you're concerned that there was a piece of shmoo or it didn't probe properly or something tweaked out, what you can do is probe it again, and you shouldn't see that stutter step at the end of the cycle. Like so perfect, so uh, hey e e e, hmm, so uh, hmm.

What even the is it this is. A major award hold your soap in the shower or something like that. All right, you don't want to be dropping that soap around here. Therein lies the beauty of friday around you can make what you can't buy, because somebody have to lose their shirt doing it.

I probably don't need to remind you that this whole place runs on stickers and patrons chucking a couple bucks into the beer fund. Let me tell you partner if i had to fight that budget troll on the regular i wouldn't be making too many of these here vijayas. I appreciate your help. That's what i'm awkwardly driving at and as such, i'm going to run a bunch of these.

I know you don't want it right now, but wait there's more now, where's my sharpie! Oh you'll, do maybe not you, but it strikes me as odd that the highest compliments you can pay somebody making cool and make something cool and you offer to them wow. You should sell those, that's the highest form of compliments. You can give it's a little bit odd, because selling something entails that you got to make a profit on it, which entails that you got all these constraints. You got to ship it on time.

You got to do this on time. You got so many constraints to making cool, so it becomes not so much about making cool, but i'm making the money that filthy, filthy, looker and if it doesn't sell well you'll lose your shirt. I don't need any help losing my shirt. I can do that all on my own.

So if and you're a patron go ahead and email me at town pump, which is the cnc what you guys pay for with your beer money. Some of it goes to the carbide fund. Some of it goes to the beer fund. Some of it goes to destroying tools and the rest of it gets wasted, and i will send you one of these up until we run out of money make sense.

I, oh yeah. Let me show you this. This is cool with freak sharp, a ah pencil. Ah, what's that hang badang for dirty crusty bolt forward clean as a whistle work better in my head.

You know what we need instead of the brass brush. We need one of those ot three-quarter plumbing brushes, ah huh, first time tight second time, all right, skookum little machine, billet, aluminum, karner, gack collector. What with the itty bitty bolt cleaner and the medium bolt cleaner, won't fly away or bend like a piece of tin in the wind, because it's fair, skookum, sharp, a holder, pencil holder in the dead spot of your box and huh, maybe make that a blind hole. That's a major award that even got a friction fit stupid like a fox.

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14 thoughts on “Tool invention friday fuk-a-round”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pete de Witte says:

    I thought you were milling out bowling lanes for a handheld pinball machine with lampshade bumpers and mannequin leg paddles

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jaco Badenhorst says:

    "Blue Collar tax" I could not have said it better. Why do the bosses "look the other way" on a Friday?

    1. They have done it themselves….

    2. If your plan works, you will be building an upgraded v2.0 next Friday…

    hell, he will then even sign you a "gate release" for the thing.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Atom Bell says:

    At my work we still use rougher+finisher. How do you get away with not using a rougher? Just blast through with the finisher, or is there a cool new tool I don't know about?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mundanestuff says:

    Cloud computing is a great idea if you own the cloud. Otherwise it's more expensive than DIY.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Shepard says:

    Fusion 360 is like golf. Work at it hard for years so you can be just kinda shitty.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rdb389 says:

    Does Siemens Solid Edge Community Edition require active internet to operate too? Have you tried it instead of Fusion 360?

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PittPens says:

    My grandpa has a couple of Jack Stands made on company time that you could sit a tank on and they wouldn’t bend.. best he ever had!!

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wayne Dub11 says:

    Ever thought about doing a comedy album?

    You could tour around with a dead animal on yur head like that one DJ thing.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars General Ralph says:

    Cloud computing is a good idea because the higher you are the smarter you are.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan Cobbley says:

    I know that my grandpa had some sticky fingers at the mine shop. I know because some of my tools that I got from him have said mine labels. But my grandma said his boss said he could do it as long as he snagged some for him too 🤣

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mudduck851 says:

    That poor Zero tolerance knife at the beginning! must play taps for such a kick ass knife

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ozark Arky says:

    You should be milling some AR-15 lower receivers. Looks like you may need them up your way. 😠

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Hansen says:

    Cloud computing great cause you never known if they will have a data breach. Gone is the day of owning stuff. We need open source tractors, common structure design.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars colin says:

    I never click a link so fast as when its a notification from YouTube saying AVE. he could probably send us some pretty ridiculous links and we would all click instantly

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