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Grease gun LED gas guage.
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Behold, the lowly grease gun much maligned, never fails, but you pick the thing up to grease a piece of gear and there it is gone. Baron is a billfold on the monday after payday, but we'll never forget the good times we had how many more apprentices bless me being while flinging this thing into a low earth orbit. A problem is not but an opportunity. You got to flip that around the journeyman blames the apprentice for leaving the thing empty.

The apprentice leaves blames the helper and the helper. Well, it's his fault for everything. If only there were a way, some sort of novel invention publicly disclosed on a venue such as this, that would allow you to see if you were just about out of greece. This is that you want to help reduce world suck.

You just go ahead and reduce world suck. This is the public disclosure of a novel invention, as the inventor of gravity once famously said, make something only as simple as it needs to be, but no simpler. We are going to have a indicator light on here. What for telling us when we're just about out of grease if you'll? Allow me a brief digression? French fries were not invented.

No, i that up splayed out before this is the guilty party. The contents of a grease gun ever you're inventing you wan na fail hard fail fast. The weird thing about patents is that it doesn't actually need to work. You can just have the idea and not build it, which is absolutely absurd.

In my estimation, guesstimation, the patent system is wholly corrupt and broken and essentially just helps. Big corporations create a moat around their little businesses. The patent on your fantabulous whiz bang invention is worth every single penny. What you pay? A team of rabbit attorneys to litigate prototype.

The first neo-diddlium magnet and a read switch, a read, switch is just two tiny little magnetic switches and when they come into a powerful magnetic field, they close like this never works the first time so you're pumping your pump and you're and you're pumping you're moving this Plunger, what's got a magnet to it and it's got to be a strong magnet because it has to be able to be sensed through this steel. So the magnetic flux needs to permeate this deal and go past it. Even you need a little bit of power. So you need like a coin cell battery or something in the look at that.

It works. It's working, so you're pumping you're pumping your pumping you're, pushing that plunger. What's got the magnet on it until the red light comes and tells you hey it's just about 15 minutes till 15 minutes till coffee time, moving on we'll affix a strong magnet to the plunger, so we actually get that effect where the plunger is stroking out. The grease and as it reaches the end of stroke, it lights.

This little led indicator clean this up, so we can stick a magnet on there. I think stupid glue and a little strap sad to say we won't be seeing that follow around too much. Often much like the gypsy wind, who knows who he blows. He's off to the big smoke got honey potted into uh, a brand new family.

We wish him godspeed and all the luck in the world stick. A couple of pilots in here put a brass strap on speaking of the dew claw yeah. What do you do when your heterosexual life partner leaves you for somebody with lady parts? Hurts it hurts a man who the am i gon na blame now myself, i guess there's always shaky he'll be around for the summer. I shouldn't call him that actually that's essential tremor.

It's a genetic condition, i'd be like making fun of ricky berwick for sticking his tongue out. You know what i i don't want to say anything but you're kind of in my way, i'm just going to scooch over here. Thingies fingers come on you piece of um toit like a toyguy, an added bonus. It collects all the metal shavings and never lets them.

Go brass. The choice of victorian era, instrument makers, the world over. I don't judge. Sometimes you got a dirty job.

There's only one solution: the magic of a quick and dirty good for what hells you and for wet ales they're back, let's screw this on nice and tight, must have the wrong ending. Oh well wouldn't be the first time red and tacky matches both my eyes and my conversational prowess. That ends the debate. Fries were not first made in belgium, nor were they first made in france, invariably flies our fries rather are cooked in grease click.

It appears to be working. Nicked must be because there's an air gap between the magnet and the outer yeah. I think uh we'll go on to stage two i'll have to drill a hole at the end effector here just a little one and then plug it. Full of something so that the grease doesn't schmoo, also which one of you reprobates cross-threaded the cap - oh wait, no there's hope, there's hope it's just quite a bit tighter tolerance than i expected.

It doesn't work on. Oh yeah, it works on the back side too. I wonder if it oh, it does maybe works better. This way, look there's a fair bit of force on that greasy hands springs tight threads, everybody's favorite, ocular de gumo.

That's kind of it occurs to me that, while it works in theory, it would never work in practice, because you'd have grinding dust and so forth that which would false positive, false trigger that reed switch. So this there's a better way to do this. Of course, this is a positive displacement pump for every set stroke of this. You chooch out a certain amount of grease, so you know that there's about i don't know 100 say there's a hundred shots in a tube.

All you got to do is count the strokes. How do you count the strokes well with a magnet and a hall effect sensor, feeding into a microcontroller, you get to say 90 pumps and it says amber you're running out and then, when you really run it out, it goes red. So you know to change the thing is with this: i would never buy a retrofit kit. I would buy this brand new if, if the grease gun had a feature like that, of course, you'd want it, but taking a manual gun and adding something to it.

A counter what needs a battery else stupido, because now everybody's moving to these electric guns anyway, and if you're not out of grease you're out of battery very telling artifact of the design process, the people who design these do not actually use them, because it's a tiny Cognitive leap to go from metering, one two, three: four shots: there is already a hall effect sensor in here. There is already a magnet on the pistoni, and yet they do not count the strokes in order to tell you when you're just about out of grease, so that it does not exist. Tell me tells me that it has not been invented, and this is a novel idea as simple as it sounds. Just take the data you're already collecting and have the microcontroller blink a light when you start getting low on grease huh thanks for watching keep your dick in the vice.

By AvvE

14 thoughts on “Why has nobody invented this?!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars daphenomc1 says:

    the electric grease gun is one of the best inventions to date. the slew bearing on the far side of the automatic grease distributor is thirsty and she needs 10 tubes of ep2 a month or more depending on use. lord knows i dont want to pump all that, and with the manning cuts good luck getting an apprentice to do it

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Doe says:

    Would some friction tape attaching a spare tube of grease to the side of the gun work? Won't tell you when you're getting low, but at least you have the solution ready to hand as soon as it runs out.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hxhdfj ifzir st c says:

    This is way too complicated. Just attach a line to a small beam from the center (balance scale style), and hang it on the wall. Attach the grease gun with ~15% grease remaining to a hook on one side of the scale. Add a bag with enough rocks inside to the other side of the scale, so it balances.

    Fill the grease gun up again. Store the grease gun on the scale. When the scale begins to balance, you know you only have 15% grease left inside. JOB DONE.

    Or just scratch the weight of an almost empty grease gun on the side, and weight it occasionally on a regular scale.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dirk Mohrmann says:

    or… drill a small hole in the cap, and attach a piece of string to the piston. String gets shorter as the gun is emptied. Probably not commercially viable though, as it doesn't involve any microcontrollers and lithium batteries.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars North49 RC says:

    Whether you find out its empty from an absent shot or a little red LED it still pisses you off that you need to change the tube. I think the tube change should be accompanied with a rum and coke, i would be greasin the fuck out of everything

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Elar Viirlaid says:

    Well…. They still use USB standard with only 5v output…. While USB qc3 gives u 5&9&12v…. So don't expect good ideas to be on market soon. Large Industries don't thing about how to make good things….they care about when will you buy spares or new thing.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesper Den Braven says:

    You have those little clicky counting thingies that look like little stopwatches. Add one to where the pump triggers a click and you got your counter. Learn how many clickies in a tube, reset clicker every new tube and you are done without any electricals

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jon McCormick says:

    It's very simple. When I look for a satisfactory amount of fillage in the filler, I simply pull out the Tee handle and observe the indicated length of the travel. And when I want to be really obnoxious, I find one that has just more than enough for someone else's job, use some of it, then he has to refill it to complete what is to be done.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Donald Straitiff says:

    Hey I've got essential tremor and the other guys on the floor call me shakey. Making fun of your friend's medical conditions is an ancient tradition and a true expression of platonic affection.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ray Mitchell says:

    Not a bad idea… but If you had a tape of LEDs each controlled with a Hall-effect transistors (reed switches look fragile in this application) that would stick on the side of the grease gun, and coated in something clear so the tape wouldn't come off… then you could have a traveling indication, well, only when the magnet was near one of the positions… and you'd have more of them towards the empty yellow, red, etc. You'd also need a button that you press to check the level so you don't drain the battery (like they have on a battery check). I sometimes make stuff like this that I realize would be cool and wish it were a product… so I make it for my own use, even though I know it wouldn't be something others would want to make or sell… at least I have one . . . the only one 😁

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars brian anderson says:

    You can get an idea of how much is left just by pulling out the charge rod …slides free till it gets to the plunger if you use tubes ..never really used the pulling from a bucket mode on the old slime shooter

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dudley Deplorable says:

    Pondering my days as an engineer. Per management, a good solution to a problem wasn't good enough if it couldn't be patented. A marginal solution to a problem that could be patented was much better. Must always strive for the LCD. If a cabbage can't comprehend a solution, the solution is no good. And the cabbage should be used for slaw or golumpki…

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KermitGTT says:

    The plunger can rotate, so your magnet may not always end up in the same position. You could just have a momentary switch on the cap that is triggered by the end of the plunger shaft. All of these are redundant in any case as the plunger handle, being against the cap, is a pretty good indicator of shmoo to air ratio.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas says:

    Revenue subscription model? WiFi enabled to automatically order you a new proprietary and expensive tube o' lube when half empty. Tools-As-A-Servive could be huge, easily valued into unicorn territory. 🦄

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