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DeWalt strippers, close up view on gyno row.

Gentleman's welcome back to the shot that oopsie doodle today a treat, especially for the allied chickens in the crowd, a wire cable stripper, nothing worse. What's your ankle deep in minor piss, fighting a 250 or 500 mcm, cable? Ah - and you got ta strip it with your bare knife - safety knife, of course, i don't know what the wife is giving the root vegetables, but there seems to be a dearth of tulips around. I ought not be changing the oil, i guess in the back garden. Dewalt, in keeping with the german theme, we're using barn hearts.

No bernhardt's heinese, invention from the 1800s bone saw use. The lee trevino feather touch this uh precision instrument compared to the husqvarna quite a bit more viking. In its countenance. This is slightly more teutonic.

The poor ambassador, what invented these he was born in the 1800s, died in 1846, 46 years old died of tuberculosis did all kinds of work on bones and so forth. Imagine that 46 years old you died. Tuberculosis now we're running around scared, shitless, ah yeah anyway. I could get into a rant here, but you know little ears and so forth won't be needing that time that uh it's got the distinct countenance of an impact driver with a proboscis i might have thrown out those instructions prematurely.

Oh, i get you, i get you holy apologies. I shouldn't be shocked and aghast at this. How ridiculously absurd a stand-alone tool for stripping wires is, i thought, it'd be some sort of whiz-bangery something interesting all it is. Is it's just a slow speed driver? You put the bushings in the end and it just skives the insulation off of the conductor.

That's that's! That's it that's the extent of it. You set the depth with this, so what you could do instead of buying a oh god, 250 doll, hair, kanaki, stan kopeck. Mind tool is: have some sockets, what kind of oh for sakes beyond the utter absurdity and sting of wasting easily earned dollary dues of your patreon money focus. You we'll give lieutenant commander burger good shot of my epidural ridges epidermis ridge, epidural, no ow.

My back! Look at this a pre-extruded o-ring that'll be used just for nice. I don't know preload well, there is a wave spring in there. So i don't know what the that's for appears to be a focus you. It appears to be a viton o-ring in there pre-extruded for her pleasure, mangled right up.

Whoever put that together didn't give two fox. We got a little penny thing for holding in the dies and here's another mistake i made. I didn't realize this come without dies. I i don't know i thought: maybe the tool would just work out of the box.

Apparently not you got to buy. The consumables too got a dedicated switch for the light. No sos blink, though that's that's too bad yeah, it's always fun when you got ta cycle through the sos blinking yeah, god never ends interesting on the control side. Maybe no brownout detect, but there is some energy kept in the capacitors on that driver board.

Watch this speaking of strippers pro tip, never look them in the eyes freaks them out, or maybe it's this slabbering and the incessant ringing of hands. What time do you get off? Why why do old hunters go to the strip club because they always know where to find a nice rack? What's a stripper do with their before her shift drops him off at band practice. That's beautifully rendered terrible joke remind me of a proper joke, a decent joke. I got told by a young fella: he had a degree in outdoor recreation, went to universitad four years to learn how to recreate out the doors interesting.

I don't know if that was a from the university of neverland, but very likely something close. I asked him one day with your degree. I didn't disparage him, of course, but with your degree in outdoor recreation, why are you working under the ground in the depths of despair, the darkness here with me to it he replied. What's the difference between a ski guide and a large pizza, a large pizza can feed a family.

Oh come on piece of chit must be a reverse threat. This is the weirdest impact driver. I've ever impacted. I already had a bit of a hot supper, though popular girl at the high school dance.

Hmm, yes, you don't want to come out. I want to fancy it up a little bit with an exploded view on the healing bench, all i'll, just sew and all you know you know just kind of class it up a bit. This is interesting. Haven't seen this before the clamshell half molded is polycarbonate and pbt with uh sebs or tbs overmolding.

That's that butylene and the pbt is poly butylene to the flap of that benade calve2. I think it's just the second cavity, maybe marking which side of the mold. This came out of or which cavity or, but we haven't seen that and there's no glass fiber reinforcing so for impact resistance. They've had the polycarbonate, which is extremely strong and extremely expensive, but they might be offsetting that because of the reduced wear on the mold itself.

From not having any glass fiber in there and we'll just confirm that by ear confirm that by ear yeah, no scritchy, no scritchy at all, which you would normally be able to hear if it was full of glass fiber, that's just straight plastic. So what you can see here is a needle bearing through shaft and probably another bearing on here a little seal above your auntie. The interesting thing, however, is that all of the mechanism in here looks like it's from a drill. Why else would there be the hammer clutch mechanism on that outside of the ring gear? Well, it's a ring gear for the planetary gear set, but it doesn't do anything in this tool, but it's near there.

Nonetheless, so they're saving billet materials parts they're not designing a new part. Just for this all this uh reduction mechanism, three planetary gear reductions - are done. Two well looks like three and that's how you get the the two speeds you either lock one ring gear or let it go free and it doesn't drive that second planetary gear set. I'm not going to go full nerdgasm on this just kind of point out.

The interesting bits we've all been through enough of these bolters to choke a some interesting inductors on the board. The board is quite well made very uh, rigidly assembled silastic all over monolithic in its embodiment, with an integral trigger switch. That's interesting. Normally, we see them wired up separate, but it's all one chunk: nichikon capacitors and either some heat sinks or some sort of big inductors.

Here i think these are more likely heat sinks for the mosfets, but someone who's more interested in the topology. These can maybe elucidate and illuminate for us what exactly those are they almost look like bolts coming out of the board, but without chewing through that epoxy selastic. We're not gon na really find out board for the control of the led. With a nice chunk chunk switch the motor itself.

You can see the power density of these brushless motors is just incredible plastic. Basal platen on the back side, with the hall effect sensor board. In order to make sure that the phase rotation is correct, interestingly, on the back side of the bearing housing, there's a little low, durometer or medium durometer teat on there in order to reduce vibrations, that's what's giving you all the power inside this rotor are some permanent Magnets and drives into the input of this planetary gear set with a pinion. Interestingly the front bearing for this rotor is in this plastic housing.

This is nylon, probably glass, fiber 40, something like that, but it's in the housing. We normally see this in a metallic housing or at the start of the gearbox, but not in this case and then there's a stub shaft. What goes in and it doesn't actually fit tight enough into the planet carrier in order to uh to hold itself nice, and am i even in frame framing you speaking of choking a we got a double ender here. Doing double duty.

Is this ring gear from the planetary gear set? You can see. It's got some indents and some raised sections there, that's from a drill, a hammer drill in order to put some impetus to and fro in the chuck, but it's got no purpose whatsoever on this tool. There you have it splayed out before you in all its absurd glory the wire cable stripper. If in your pixie wrangler yourself, you know you like that big girthy kind of black mamba do.

Let me know if you use this, if it's what i think it is kind of a fancy, goo god what gets used a couple times and then tossed into the back of the truck, never to be remembered again, we'll see a at the estate sale in about 40 years type deal or if it's any good at all, i have my doubts. What we will do is get this up. Temperature on the healing bench get her all kind of mixed up see if we can't get her back together, we'll build our own die. What we don't need to change, we'll use an adjustable die, just a little socket there and maybe uh, maybe some stained tongue, glide cutters and a little roller, and this that the other thing see if we can't make this even hokier thanks for watching, as always, you're Considered discourse and uh well barbs.

The best thing about these videos. Are the comments hands down? No question i mean you can watch a two-hour movie for the sake of you know you go to the theater, you pay your 40 bucks and put your mask on and so forth. They show your papers and go and have a couple laughs all for two hours of your time or you could just scroll through the comments here and live your arse clean off. Thank you.

Thanks for watching keep your dick in advice.

By AvvE

11 thoughts on “BOLTR: Black and Yellow Strippers”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bennington Camper says:

    I bought this tool with a battery and (almost) complete die set a couple of years ago to use on a big solar panel installation. Lots of repetitive stripping to terminate 90 or so conductors. Also was great on the AC feed and service conductors. Haven't used it since, but saved a ton of labor time and made great repeatable cuts.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars papapetad says:

    I was just about to completely dismiss this here thing I initially assumed to be a paint stripper. Then I realized it might have a place in production line heavy gauge wiring prep work. I have trouble imagining they have more awkward tooling/methods than this contraption in those circles but in my quest for finding justification in the resource plundering involved in its creation, I surprised myself with that plausability. Clearly someone thought it was a brilliant enough idea to fill shop shelves with more junk to catch hapless consumers' attention…including uncle bumblefuck's, for our viewing pleasure, probosces in vises and all.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joshua Klein says:

    I love your witticism, I understand about 60% of them maybe because I don’t speak French but when I get them they really land. Fun as shit and I learn something new every time.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ZZ Cat says:

    Ha! Every time I'm at Mitre 10 here, in New Zealand & I'm in the power tools section, I can't help but cringe at what's in stock – thinking to myself "Yea, I've seen enough of AvE's BOLTRs to know how trashy these things really are."

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Fearing says:

    I recently noticed a makita ga7911 angle grinder. It appears to be a metal bodied and heavy duty tool they actually market with oversized ball bearings ( they say) and all heavy duty internals. It’s especially odd because it’s natural metal silver, no teal plastic. I’d be curious to know if it’s hype or real, and if they have other such tools. All the nameplates I saw were 115volts ac dc (North American), but appeared to be made in Japan. And it’s not ruinously expensive.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Aaron Kelly says:

    I have a manual cable stripper that's somewhat similar just without the drill on the drill on the end Minecraft over a $100 it might not be such a bad deal to have one like that I'm going to look into it

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CJWarlock says:

    I love the "keep your dick in the vice" saying. It always helps me to remember to use a vice to hold a piece of wood with nails I wanna extract and not to waste time doing it 100% bare handed. 🙂

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James M. says:

    I saw a lineman pull one of these out of his bag while dealing with some 5/8" aluminum wire. Took him all of 5 seconds yo get all 4 wires of a 3 phase system stripped while leaning out of a bucket. I did the pocket knife routine to strip the other end and it took me a good two minutes each wire as I could not manipulate my way around the wire like you would with something more forgiving. Definitely not a tool for home players, but a great time saver for the elecchicken pros.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheCanuckSparky says:

    The tool works great, saves a bunch of time but the single use is bullshit. Could have been made into an attachment. The twisty bit on the depth setter is weak as fuk mine broke quick.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars samuel friedlein says:

    Gotta say the value engineering is definitely getting more refined though. PC is a smart polymer choice. So is all the double duty of parts and integration in electronics. They COULD take it a step farther and just package that attachment with a already designed drill only… Then they'd could actually slightly raise the price. Of course they can't sell you two two drills if they do that.. it would probably still be pretty good anyway, not many people are gonna buy that thing. someone that wants it bad enough to buy that, probably isn't buying their first drill from DeWalt and definitely didn't care if the purchase was price efficient.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 2009G8Gxp says:

    We use this at work (power utility) for up to 1500kcm and they work well. We use ripley speed systems. Knifes are banned. You get better cutbacks with no injuries and faster stripping times. They save money too.

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