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Lister Diesel fire pump and Deutz Engine. Two wrongs don't make a right. But three rights make a left.

Gentlemen's welcome back to something pure cast: unobtainium a lister diesel engine. What the dewclaw is working on dukecloud. We will one day make a man out of you see. I see you have some honey goo yeah.

No, no! You had the honey you he's gon na give. My handle a little stroke looks like she's been bashed in, but it still kind of hooks on there silver beautiful jesus sandals. You can tell we're we're working third world style. Well, it's out of here.

Well, not really, but it's supposed to be so yeah. I just eventually this this will come loose, keep wapping the honey goo to her honey. Good speak into my tiny, shake proboscis. So, as you can see this, it's almost like looks like this thing.

Did too much cocaine and it's dead now would have been about 70 years old in the 80s. So that's about right, like i said you have to you'd, have to like get the hop-up time machine out cross that with bill and ted's, whatever the they used and then go back in time on ebay to maybe find some parts for it. But it's not going to happen based that would fit only it's whitwort, nothing's 10 millimeter nothing's 11 millimeter, it's like somewhere in between it's uh. It's got some funny funny fasteners on it.

Yeah! That's right! So stick your finger in that hole! Oh no, the other one! Sicko now, if you take two bad things, there's a good chance. You can make one good thing out of two bad things: it's not guaranteed all that to say we got a good used diesel pump untested ready for your pickup. I got another guy coming right away. Cash in hand, so you better buy it yeah we're gon na power.

Take this off, put it on the power ticket power, put it on the other one, probably that shiny new chain is uh the most expensive part of the whole proposition here. Moving the camera for a different angulation, look at this guy bucking for a race. I was wondering why he was wearing his knee pads. As you know, my true superpower is destroying things.

So, oh it's already. I tried to make this turn and uh. It just sort of started so yeah. It's pretty seized up.

I think so. We're just gon na put that out on the lawn put some nice flowers next to it, and velhalska over the rainbow bridge, send the lister to the happy hunting grounds in the sky. That was a governor joke, nothing, nothing! This is what happens when uh a slippered fella comes along in his chinese work boots and just gives her behind your back. There's a joke in there about a sewing machine safety.

First, personal accountability last and learned helplessness first! Well, we want to eschew personal. We want to eschew personal accountability here, pun intended, so i don't know if you notice here, but you show up with this murderer's role of meters at a job site. They just throw money at you instantly what is best in life, to have your fluke meters, flayed out before you to hear the lamentation of their windings and to drop a generator on your jeezless sandals. So what i should have done previously was probably split this out.

I probably would have found that these these windings are are actually like. Uh, you know, they're, basically melted together. Already more to the point of our story, was the letting the smoke outage our fault or was that it died of natural causes? It was already dead, like i said, had i done it before. I didn't split them out, so they looked like they were.

They were just all connected, but i split them out because you got six one, so the ac output side of the rotor is connected. So it seems like those windings are still okay, so i don't think anything happened in the rotor at all. It just happened. We forced we forced power into these windings and then they just further melted together.

I think had i split them apart, probably would have seen it right away, but we just went for it so because you know we made a smoke and fire machine yeah, exactly everything's a smoke machine. If you use it wrong enough, we figure we get all this broken down equipment and we just smash it together till. Finally, we get something that works. What do you think better than doing nothing and drink a beer, or is it we're gon na we're gon na tear down this thing and tear down that thing and make one big ugly thing? Hopefully that will pump water? What do you think you never know when you got ta fight a fire around here right, huh, huh, where's, your fire truck you, son of a i, remind you, kind viewer that what happens on the farm stays on a farm in the sanctity of our own empire Of dirt, that's because it's broke down and it doesn't move anymore.

We do what the we want, however, at work when other people are relying on you yeah, not so much. We got to split this in twain and i'm about to show the duke law. The mill wrongs secret weapon - oh yeah, nice. I like it it's back to his jesus sandals.

Folks, it's getting serious, hey, we got. We got rules here. Man keep my feet on the shot, so keep everybody off. You know feeling good about their situation.

So what do we do? Just smash these in here, a little tap tap all the way around or what yeah they're pretty much self-explanatory. I got my finishing hammer for finishing things off: there's not a set screw on that shaft key is there. It looks pretty set screwy to me we're laboring under the delusion that there's a coupling in there - that's not coming apart. That will come hey part that makes any sense at all, but there's some sort of jack bolt arrangement and then a retaining wedgie and all kind of milrongy things going on, probably easier to show you once we got it cut apart with the torch nice watching, a Master at work, using that left hand for the reach around he's over there.

He and i'm over here, gumdrops lollipops and rainbows. I like how you use this structural ikea member, oh yeah, we're getting full turns. Meanwhile, mine just gets tighter and tighter. Oh, my funny as yours gets tighter and tighter mine gets easier and easier for some reason.

You always pick the wrong side. How's this gon na work a little bit r r. The h is silent, red hot rage. Don't tell me, i got ta go back down there posies! You want me to take up some weight, sure two thousand pounds and a one and a two holy okay.

Oh ah like we're. No thanks, no rage necessary holy freedom, horrible freedom! You got ta go straight back you're into the uh you're into the wages. I guess, when you're doing your work from six feet away, it's a little tough! I can commiserate. I do go to the bathroom on occasion.

Stop the battery's about to short on one of the crossrails. Okay, we're better got a bit of a speed wobble there on the front end of the tractor jesus, it's okay! I didn't need that grinder anyway, so there was a those two grub screws in the center. We were hoping to pull that retention taper out, but we were just fighting against the rubber, the jokes: they write themselves and uh. We ended up taking out this ring and that was the cockford ollie, so we're just gon na take a little safety stand down and re-rig this in the spirit of claude shannon, why you know a thousand words and so forth.

So that's the cone. What got jammed in there that retained on that shaft and we had taken out the grub screws that jammed it down and we had put in the jacking screws to get that to pop out. Unfortunately, this rubber coupling is particularly well suited for axial and radial and also angular displacement. It's really good at transmitting torque, not so much deflection any any direction.

So we were fighting this coupling because it can deflect in any direction. What we ended up doing was just getting smart about it and taking the ring off here and then out, you come problem, is pump twas connected to said lyle, lister rather diesel engine, and now we got to get it connected to the deutz. I don't know if you're a fan of history or a student of history, but chairman in english, sometimes don't get along check this out. I'm going to love your nuts we're uh yeah we're getting lucky this one.

I already do look at this. Look at that. Just wants it just wants it: it's like it's a sae, flange, yeah, okay, well uh! My job here is done, go on ebay and maybe we'll find a head for this thing, or let's just get some of that magic juice that they sell uh. What is it seafoam? Let's get some seafoam in there get this thing crackalackin, as is where is for sale, not on sale? I know what i got.

I mean look at the starter. I mean look at that guy.

By AvvE

11 thoughts on “British Frankendiesel Pump | Dewclaw’s Revenge!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charles Angell says:

    I have an uncle that unsticks engines in a stock tank surely you two pecker heads can do better than this…I think you all are the product of the 80s…SAE flange what's that?….imagine the possibilities.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HURON AKA:Creighton Lee Rose says:

    Being a current/former union Electrician does have it PERKS eh?…

    Had a high buddy in low places a few years back here in the PNW -On L & I-(Lazee & Incoherent)-due to injury,. That dood would go to ANY concert he wanted FREE of charge!
    Tools Needed:
    ~Worn Carhart Jacket with a big 'Ol Union electrician patch on the back/assorted flair patches…
    ~Knee pads/boots…
    ~A professional, but courteous "ImSuppostaBeHere-ButNotHappy" look….
    ~Electricians tool belt w/assorted sparky tools onboard, -calmly slung over the shoulder…
    ~Long hair'd ponee-tail'd "Burn-Out From The Smoke Pit" personal style/image often does WONDERS….

    Dude could just WALK in to ANY concert venue he wanted, then wander around ANYWHERE he chose too back stage with somewhat "Official" credentials!
    -Pretty neat trick eh?
    Ill need to start workin on my new "Halloween Costume"….;)

    As my well-used, go-too, custom made "JaegerBomber" RedBull cans>Jagermeister bottle>Clock>red wires>road flare(s) "Dynamite" tac-vest get-up could get me in some SERIOUS trouble these days…

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 98 12 valve says:

    Do people actually complain about what you guys wear? I’m 44 and lived most of my life in the tropics and have done more work in slippers (thongs-between the toes not between the cheeks) than most complainers combined.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Longhaired Countryboy says:

    Why do they put stuff in there to keep you from taking it a-part. While they don't put in stuff to keep it from coming a-part?

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bassmith448 bassist says:

    Been a couple of months without AvE. No wonder I'm depressed. Now, here I am about 72 hours into a binge. Damn. Everything from tool reviews to shooting irons to hydraulic disaster plasters and please don't invite those angry pixies over again. Last time they drank all my top shelf booze!!!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt Lang says:

    "Never know when you gonna need to fight a fire round here"

    Dewclaw knew something, but we didn't listen

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Luke says:

    Everything's a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough. Hahahaha oh that was good , I'm going to remember that one

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Turbo print3d says:

    I have that engine lol. I hate working on it i cant get crap for it.( the lister) I would be interested in that starter or the hand crank even lol

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Serrano says:

    You're the first person I've ever heard of who was legally charged for raping himself with a 3/4" breaker bar.

    That newspaper article had to be down right embarrassing, but the next day had to be MUCH harder to walk a straight line smooth and consistent. Atleast that woman with you in the video was able to keep you away from the 3/4" breaker bar👍

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars standardeight says:

    That Lister, built about 5 miles from where I live, now a shit load of houses, death of manufacturing in the UK 🇬🇧😔

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dale D says:

    Nothings 10 mm, nothings 11 mm, that sounds familiar. Almost deja vu, not 1/2" not 9/16", now you know how we feel when we work on a freaking metric engine!

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