Fire good.

Gentleman's welcome back to the shop we're going to have a chat and a chill out in front of the fire pay no attention to the man behind the velvet curtain. Those glottal stops miss pronounciations as the winner of the trans world cup, something like that and demonetized. Fellow patron asked me if i would do another fire and a chill a yeah partner, you're keeping me in beer. He who pays the fiddler gets to choose the tune.

Also, we all got a strip for pills and in the words of karl marx, working as the curse of the party in class check, this out that'll do i'll go set the mood put on a negligee, not sure what you want me to ramble to you about, But i got a hankering for a spanker and christmas fresh christmas 50 in my stocking fixing to get me a new gun. Now, why ever would someone want a pistol? What for it's absurd? So now i i never grew up around guns, so i understand they're scary. As they kill people dangerous, why would you ever need one? Why would you ever want one, even all the evil you can do with them and how much violence and so forth, and the other side of that is the gun guy i gots to protect my fam backwards, i'm neither one of those as a mechanical electro-mechanical, hydraulic Nerd bomber, all i see, is a bunch of well-fitting sliding beautiful chunks of machinery, easily understood well-fit, escapements and gears and slides and bangy things. That's fantastic! That's why also, historically speaking, we're speaking uh evolutionarily wise that doesn't matter to me what you believe, because there's many ways to skin a cat, as the chinese will tell you confucius, i think said that you can explain a pencil and this is a device.

You can write your thoughts and it'll change the world, or you can say this is a piece of graphite mined from the earth surmounted in wood and painted with a ferrule of steel and rubber many ways to explain things so, a long time ago we come out Of the trees, the great rift valley of africa on one side of the rift stayed jungle. We stayed apes on the other side of the rift, it became savannah and we became bipedal walking on two legs and there was some obvious mutations and we found a proper niche coming out of the trees from climbing and being bipedal changed. Our shoulder positioning. Instead of being strong pulling straight up to climb now, we had some strength for and aft, which allowed us to be able to throw things and throwing.

There's an argument to be made is what makes us human there's many things that make us human, but one of the first things in my opinion, makes sense, was being able to aim at a target and throw and enact your will at a distance. There's something magical about that, because very few other animals can do that and none nearly as effective as humans, deadly right deadly at throwing things. So it's kind of kind of sad when children now grow up without ruffle tumble play no wrestling with their papa because they ain't got a papa for whatever reason ain't got a dad and some karen on patrol is telling him not to throw rocks, don't throw rocks. You'll poke your eye out kid.
Well, that's what makes us human is being able to sight a target, acquire a target aim and throw and hit that target at a distance. There's an interesting one about diwali just recently, which is a east indian festival. I believe it's sikh, but it might be hindu, i'm not quite sure, but diwali is a big deal in india and the children, especially the boys, save up their rupees all year to buy fireworks pit halls and there's a very wise man. Some might call enlightened the name uh sad sadhguru.

He did a quick little blurb about. Please don't take the fun out of diwali for boys lighting fireworks if you're worried about the environmental impact, maybe park your car and walk to work a few days, because these lads look forward to this all year and it's a very simple joy and it's a joy That also has some danger to it, which it makes it all the funner, because they're really, when you think about it, it's not all that much fun. Unless something bad can happen, there's got to be that dichotomy that duality there has to be consequences to the fun. Otherwise, it ain't fun, you're, hucking yourself, off a mountain.

Why would that be how to prove yourself also because it's dangerous, it puts you in the moment it takes away your mind. You put your mind aside. Your mind is always looking into the future, always invariably anxiety, written looking into the future when you're hurtling down a mountainside on a mountain bike. The moment that you lose your attention, you are going otb over the bars ass over tea, kettle god gon na wreck.

Your sorry about that glottal stop gon na wreck. Your claviculator end up in a merge, probably catch the rona, while you're there son of a diddling thing. So that is why i rather enjoy shooting sports, including a bow and arrow. They got a bow and arrow for young chickadee, we'll be taking that out.

As soon as the frozen ice ball of hoth defrosts uh, even the lad got one. He got more of a it's more of a nerf gun but same same idea. You acquire a target. You aim and try and hit that target and, of course, the trouble with aiming and throwing which humans are exceedingly good at.

Is that the more practice you have? The more you tend to hit your target, and so you see people in your life coming in and out of your life, we're very negative and they seem to invariably have horrible things happen to them, or at least in their mind horrible things which, to most people, Might just be what we call life, but always someone is stomping on them or cutting them off in traffic or irritating them stealing things from them, taking away their glory, etc. The reason is because they've become so good at aiming at a target in their mind's eye that they invariably hit it. So you got to be careful with what you aim at. If you're constantly aiming at the worst thing to happen partner, it will happen because you're aiming for it and you've practiced your whole life.
You've got you were 13.8 billion year old stardust and your life is but a flash, a spark of light. So there's a lot of inertia there to be able to get done, aiming at a target and hitting it or just missing it. I think in the media you see a lot that americans are gone crazy. I don't know if they're gun, crazy or they're just allowed.

It seems to me that the sheriff of nottingham doesn't really want too too many joe citizens to bear arms and have the capability to hit a target at a distance. However, i can sit well, i don't consider myself. I've been tested and proven a reliable and safe firearms owner, so there's a fella uh actor down in the states which shot a lady killed her dead, the big old blunderbuss of a cowboy pistol claims. It wasn't me.

I hear that a lot in my house with two little ones that wasn't me son of a gets up to a lot. Here's the thing. If you, he clearly was not competent in the use of the tool which he was provided so they're quite possibly, and this isn't up for me to decide but conjecturally, you know it's just us girls around the water cooler chatting for what it's worth. He clearly wasn't competent in the use of the tool, because there are three important fail-safes to make sure that nobody dies of rapid onset lead poisoning one.

You never ever point the gun at something you do not want to kill. Ever you always point it downrange. That's muzzle discipline, so you point it at what you want to kill. If you don't want to kill it, you don't point it at it.

That's the first failsafe! So if you always do that, nothing will ever get killed because you're not pointing the pokey bit at someone or something or an animal, or you know, number two. You always always check to make sure that the feed path and the barrel are clear of bullets. There's nothing in there. That's gon na go click! Bang! So even if you point it in the wrong direction, if you have made sure that there is nothing in the gun, that's going to go.

Click bang then you're perfectly safe. That is another interlock and the third one i can't remember: oh, keep your booger hooker off the trigger, keep your finger off the trigger until you want to kill what you are aiming at. That's it three very, very simple rules and you follow one of those rules and nobody gets killed. I think firearms make a very easy patsy as well someone we can blame for our societal woes, something something we can blame for our societal woes and it's an easy target, because it's an actual thing that quite possibly could be controlled.

But there is evil in the world, but the evil it's quite difficult to address, because on a societal level, essentially you need to get rid of or not get rid of, but train out, sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies. Essentially, you need to grow empathy and you see in in societies where there's not a lot of empathy or no in other societies, for instance, who do not have firearms like china? What you see are disillusioned young and old men. Quite invariably, men get angry and feel they have been unfairly treated when they go dark things get dark and they'll go to a school or a kindergarten, preferably of rich parents and they'll go and chop a bunch of kids up so now do we do we blame The acts do we blame the machete or do we blame the man? Do we blame the sick society who incentivized breaking up of families and the hedonistic pursuits that break up families, the extended adolescents there's an interesting thing? I learned growing up and i consider it to be true. You might not, and that's okay, you really are not a fully fledged man until you realize that there's something more important than yourself.
If you see, if you study people who do mass shootings, invariably they had a shitty father. Invariably we see that in in canada, the recent uh well not recent. Now a couple years old, two young fellas uh, one of them, his father - had taught him to hunt. He had a firearms acquisition license and then his other buddy total scumbag.

You know his father's a total goof narcissist victim victim type narcissist, but you could just talk to the you. Just see him talking you like right away. He's a horrible father, uh went out and hunted and killed a young couple that was on vacation from australia, oh really horrible stuff, and you think well that wouldn't happen. If they didn't have access to guns, probably would they have done something else? Well, maybe not because it seemed like they were kind of lazy.

So what's the answer, i don't think there really is an answer. There is evil in the world and there will always be evil in the world and it takes different forms. I think, overall, as a society, our violence level has gone down considerably physical violence. Mind you recently in the past couple years.

Violence of the state who essentially has a monopoly on violence is allowed to use violence in its promulgation of policy. I think there's been an increase in violence recently, but mainly by the state on individuals you. So it seems to me that the propaganda, at least in north america, tends towards the vilification of firearms and firearms owners, pushing a its own agenda, of course, for whatever reason, but in other parts of the world you know in the states, we continually hear how much Violence there is gun violence, how much it's gang violence and so forth, and then that trickles across the border into canada, of course, gang violence is gangsters who are doing illegal things anyway and tends to be against each other, not against the general public. So we see a correlation between the amount of guns and gun violence.

However, there are many other parts of the world where you're allowed to have firearms in day-to-day use. Uh, italy, you know granny. She can have a pistol in her purse and nobody's gon na bat. An eye, i don't think it's completely written into law, but at this point it's understood that people have the right to defend their persons.
Croatia, all those baltic nations, no problem having a a firearm for self-protection. One of the weird things about canadian law jurisprudence is: you are allowed to protect your person. However, you're not allowed to have a defensive weapon, you cannot carry a weapon. So if you have a knife - and you have an alpha knife and you're - a farmer - a rancher, of course - you have a knife in your pocket.

You got to keep an edge on your knife. Now not that you'd ever use a knife to defend yourself. I mean just you'd be far better off the way to win a knife. Fight is to run away, you'd be far better off to run away, but, for instance, mace or bear spray, or a taser defensive weapons now a weapon.

So a weapon is an object with which you intend to do harm, so you could have chopsticks. You know metal those korean metal chopsticks in your purse or your ba, and if you intend to use them to poke somebody's eye out, they are a weapon they're, not a utensil, your butter knife, your butter and your bread. It's not a weapon, even though it's a knife, because you have no intent to harm anyone with it, and so, if you drive a rented u-haul into a crowd of people, it's a weapon and a deadly one. At that.

I think if we could get a handle on helping, especially young men through their most sociopathic, their their most anti-social years, which is 16 to 25, would go a long way to eliminating gun violence. The recent even more recent case in canada in uh nova scotia, but he went crazy cuckoo, but he was a goof collected rcmp. That's the royal canadian mounted police. He had a a couple of cop cars.

He collected old uniforms. He had all the regalia. He was not allowed, he was not allowed to have possessed firearms, all his firearms were illegally smuggled in. So the cops knew that this guy was a goof but um.

He still managed to kill a whole bunch of people and there has been an official inquest. I believe an inquest or inquiry inquest, i think, is to a single fatality and an inquiry is something bigger. I'm not really up on my robert's rules of service right robert service, strange things done in the rules of order, strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold. I think we put a another log on there.

What the hey! I guess i can take my gloves off gaston glock sure you've heard the name before, even if you're, not a gun guy, because you've watched movies glock is a pistol. Now, glock glock got lucky this gaston glock fella. He was a design engineer or a manufacturing engineer and working. I believe, at a state facility manufacturing facility and also in his basement, had small contracts with the austrian military to provide cutlery and knives and so forth.
He had a couple of machinists working punch presses in his basement, somewhere on the outskirts of some small little town and austria, a nice little cottage industry. So his background was in designing dies and punches for pressing and folding and making all kinds of sheet metal products grinding, of course, knives and cutlery. He was in negotiating with the military branch military procurement regarding some cutlery or some knives bayonets. Some such thing and there had been a recent election and the election was won by a socialist party in austria and that socialist party decided would be best if they could produce firearms weapons as many contracts as possible within austria, so to seek out austrian production.

National nationalized production of uh army procurement, materiel of war and so forth old, gaston glock. He was in a meeting with some monkey. Mucks happened over here that they were looking for a national austrian supplier of sidearms and gaston glock being an engineer, someone who's very interested in mechanical contrivances of all sorts thought. Well, all to it, pull the trigger click boom.

I can make pistols so he started to make inquiries and of course, people in the industry and generals pashawed him it's impossible. You cannot wholesale from scratch, start a pistol manufacturer and compete with the berettas and the the uh f and g's. No first yeah. You know all those pistol manufacturers, sig sauer, like you just you can't just do it and in not so many words he decided to just do it, so he courted generals and he produced prototypes, of course, coming from his background and reverse engineering existing models, he used The tools at his disposal, which were punch, presses and stamping tools, one of the toughest criteria, was that the gun could not go off accidentally.

So if you drop it, it will not go off if you hook it, it will not go off. This is a military sidearm, mind you, so with that in mind, he made a polymer that is plastic, lower pistol with easily manufactured punch, press parts very sloppy, sloppy fits which made it exceedingly cheap to produce, and he made it striker fired rather than hammer fired, so That the energy to detonate the primer in the round was provided by the impetus of a finger rather than a cocked hammer, so nothing but a finger pulling the trigger could set that round off now in hammer fired once you the hammer and it trips, it's got Potential energy there and if the hammer falls on the round, it goes off, but in the striker fire, which makes actually for a much nicer trigger pull, because you can make it a lot crisper and you can make it so you don't have to put any energy Into it very, very little, with your finger makes it very accurate. However, pistols being notoriously inaccurate, didn't really matter all that much and so gaston glock started supplying a prototype and testing pistols for proving to the austrian military. Of course they wanted to go with a austrian supplier.
Probably the generals had no desire to go with a an unknown supplier. However, there was political overreach to ensure that that if there was a remotely viable supplier in austria that they would go with that supplier, and so that gave gaston glock enough wiggle room to be able to print or present a number of different prototypes and get the Feedback quickly, so that he could fix problems. I problems there were myriad because when you're endurance testing something that needs to be 100 reliable, that's comprised of 100 different components. There's going to be problems first time you build something: it ain't going to work, so the military had the large s in order to allow him some mistakes and eventually what we got was the glock striker-fired pistol, the first plastic pistol, and it's really not a very Good pistol at all doesn't feel nice doesn't shoot nice, but it is cheap for what you get it's cheap to manufacture so gaston he parlayed his success with the austrian military into overseas success.

Now, who, in their right mind, is going to put their life in on the line carrying a plastic pistol? That was the thinking of the day and there was a fire fight between uh, some fbi agents with six shooters little 38 specials, and i believe someone had a mac, 10 or uh might even have been a glock and they got their asses handed to them. That provided the impetus in the in the states to start looking at service revolvers other than well revolvers. Now this story about gaston glock, it's also a fantastic story, because it's not only manufacturing, but it's also marketing. He marketed this plastic gun as being able to go through airport security, which, of course it couldn't.

However, with security being locked, i'm sure you can get anything through, but he cultivated that bad black evil gun image and the fact that you could have 15 rounds in the magazine as opposed to a conventional sick shooter made this gun very desirable because it was the Gun that you weren't allowed to have they wanted to ban it outright. It was too dangerous. You could get it through airport security. It was too blacked out.

There's a funny anecdote in the book wherein one of the police chiefs. I think it was in new york that sounds about right, corrupt as he was carrying a glock, despite glocks being completely outlawed from the state of new york, and what he said was that he was testing it. He was carrying it around as a trial as a test, despite it being completely met and outlawed. So gaston realized this was part of his genius.

His commercial genius realized that old firearms are currency, they're as good as money. Anyone who's been around guns. Firearms will tell you that firearms bullets, they are currency, they are money, they are trade good, which is always always usable as currency. So when he, when gaston glock would approach a large police, what would you call that detachments anyway, he approached big groups of of police officer or police chiefs.
You know in chicago and and he would offer them this cool black gun, polymer, nice and light super reliable. Always fired was very, very safe because it was striker fired. Invariably, the police chiefs would come back and say: well, we don't have the budget for it. We're not going to change all our pistols.

We don't have any money for it, but gaston realized. He knew that their old guns were money money because he could trade in 600. He could trade 600 glocks for 2 000 old service revolvers make a huge profit on reselling, the service, revolvers and now the foot, the thin edge of the wedge, is in at that police department. So he'd provide training.

He would fly the police chiefs to austria to see the manufacturing process, he'd, whine and dine them at one point when he was starting to get big. There was um, i forget her name, but she was the glock girl at the booth and and she probably sold more pistols for glock than he ever would have himself. She was a very nice looking lady, so gaston glock would take these monkey mucks out high ups out to beseech them for contracts, bring them to austria, wine and dine them. You know and so forth, and then he would do a deal where there was no money.

Changed hands they could, he would supply them pistols, they would give him their old service revolvers. He would resell him on the secondary market, and that was the thin edge of the wedge to get his glocks into the hands of police officers. Of course, once your partner has one or once one detachment has a certain type of firearm, the new whiz-bang super-duper pistol, well partner, you're, going to and moan and squeak and groan and tell every tom, dick and larry in your detachment has the same pistol. I'm not aware of any large military.

You know any kind of country's military that uses glock pistols as their sidearm, their service firearm for their mps, having shot a number of glocks versus sigs or they're expensive for what you get and really they're, not that nice to shoot. So in canada. I don't have the option of an everyday carry, nor would i have a i have. No, you know here's the thing if you're looking for trouble, you're gon na find it in all of my years on this planet.

I have never once zero. That is smile like a donut. Have i ever needed a firearm to protect myself? However, admittedly, it is very cathartic to go to the range and blast off some rounds, aiming at a target, it's very challenging as well people. You know you watch.

You grow up watching movies, playing video games and it's not nearly as visceral as actually pulling the trigger and having something explode in your hand, your reptilian brain wants to get the away from that thing, so it's very very dick difficult to. Actually, i don't know if that was a freudian slap of the tongue or if that log looks like a dick, but it's very, very difficult to actually hit a target to learn how to turn off your reptilian brain and hold on to something that is exploding in Your hand it's loud, it's noisy, there's fire, there's a physical shock, there's the knowledge that this is a deadly deadly weapon. It's scary again, part of the fun is because it's dangerous i'll check another couple logs on there or put the microphone down. Leave you to it.
Oh so close, you.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chore says:

    Thanks for this fireside chat. I too grew up in a family that did not use or understand firearms, but was drawn to them and got my PAL. Ends up that after that, got married and the father in law enjoys firearms too and we share that interest among many other things. Very misunderstood in Canada, especially in urban areas. Greets from Ontario

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    I'm not a huge Sig guy.. but if you are into the "form factor" and "fit" older Sig is for you.
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