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Reducing world suck one smoked salmon at a time.

Gentlemen, welcome back to the kitchen once again for the second time oh brother, bear's, on the couch with a fever, and i'm assured that i got a terminal case of the cooties. Oh ain't working we're gon na make some walks, which is scanda, whovian, gravel locks and just locks that you put in the dirt. Now we're making a whack of it to give away. It seems to be a dearth of goodwill and humanity in the world, and one easy way to reduce world suck is to give stuff away what you made yourself we're going to use some kosher salt, it's better, of course, because it's been circumcised.

I love the the tribe, the people of the book. It's just such a optimistic people cutting a whole third of it off, without even knowing how long it's actually going to be most important part of any project welding painting. What have you is the mies on plus the preparation, so we have all our ingredients: ziploc bags, sealable, kosher, salt, cracked, pepper, lemon sugar, some green stuff. What gets in your mouth pretty sure food eats? It got the three fillets: we're gon na, have right, half and two and then put the tincture in betwixt the between and that'll, draw out all the moisture three cups of kosher salt, not for no reason.

There's three flits phillips two: three: a little inside baseball up here: no, no, not at all that the craziness in the world, it's all good in our little family and then when we can take care of our little family, then we move out to the greater community. There's some gold and yellow sugar. What used to be called brown sugar, however, that mick jagger fella being as vile and offensive as he is now brown sugar is persona non grata. Oh no newtonian, like the zest of three lemons and word to the wise.

If and you got her trained up proper and i'm not saying i do, but sometimes you buy way too many lemons and she'll not only squeeze your lemon until the juice runs down your leg, but maybe make uh some sort of tart we're going to chop up. Some effervescent top note the call for dill dill weed grows around here. Like a weed, i can't bring myself to buy it. So all this does is just has some nice terpenes in it some some greenery and it just gives a nice little top note.

You wonder why people throw a bay leaf into just about everything. Now some cracked pepper, stimulated for your pleasure and then mixy mixy, previously frozen and a little worse for the wearing. You might want to pat that down get rid of some of the slimier bits, but the salt will also do the same thing. One thing you don't want to do with light: flavored meats is put them on any kind of aluminum, because the aluminum is a metal and the metal ions denature the fats.

So you get that top note of penny and not the good kind of penny either. The kind of penny which you got to have a few half dozen beers before you mow down on nothing baby doll, she's ignoring me. I lightly sprinkled the bottom side of the top side and then sandwiched it. This will go in the fridge, 10, maybe 12 hours and then flip 10, maybe 12 hours and she's good to go for eating.

You got to rinse off the excess salt it'll be slimy, you'll, see it'll pull all kinds of moisture out, but what we're going to do is smoke it. Here's the locks flipped over tonight. You can see how much water come out of here. We'll stick her in the shaman smoker, that's how much water come out of them.

You got to rinse them off and then you dip them in cold water. Let them soak for about 10 minutes or so just to get the excess of salt out. I just got the wee bee radley, smoker of course, the beginner's version of a smoker real easy, and i swore off of these pucks we're going to make a hydraulic all the best intentions. Gon na make a hydraulic, puck press myself, and yet here we are another box.

A man gets tired of researching world war ii, nostalgia stuff and i read all the japanese translation books now so kind of on to the next thing and as lieutenant commander berg of the metaverse will tell you, smoking meats, smoking meats, it's a thing. Smoking eats these. They get a little hot under the smoking part, so i got a little prophylaxis here. Of course, this salmon is going to be raw just like prosciutto de parma or what else you eat raw.

You know ceviche it's been cured by the salt, so it ain't going to kill anybody now. All we want to do is put a little smoky flavor into her normalmente. I use the alder smoke for this, but in this case, as we say in canada, we're using the pecan and as they say in the deep south of america pecan, that's what my granddaddy used in the middle of the night pecan that turned the smoker on that's Gon na load, a puck error, maybe oven on well so much for trouble free. I might need to get heated up or if only that error code was in a human, readable format.

I'll put a new pellet in there make sure it chooches. Ah, for sakes, oh it's a smoker. It should not be rocket appliance, it's something to be said for having gear. What's too smart for its own good, just acknowledge and bypass like a good piece of industrial gear would have you tried, unplugging it and plugging it back in i just turned on the oven.

First appears to be working turn the smoker on now turn the oven. Oh you dirty brought her into the shop warmer everybody's favorite. Smoking meets and troubleshooting never ends yeah. We have a discreet that is corsic time double neck.

I think that might have fetched up the the forward advance mechanism. Well, let's just try that see how that goes. Oh, maybe not you can slow us down, but you can't us over some sort of finicky limit switch in there. Mercury wasn't in retrograde and my tongue wasn't in bung, though it wouldn't chooch.

It's got, ta see a puck right at the back end there and then there we go there. We go alice clark. The patient appears to be functioning. We'll kick this out of the shop.

Let her smoke a pecan's beautiful. It's got a top note of pee. The alder can be quite harsh. You got ta, go we'll put that in there maybe a couple hours and then let her cool down shiny side up, let that chooch in the fridge for about a day before you eat it.

Lets the flavor of the smoke meld in you know, like you, make stew, and it's not the best until the next day same thing with smoking, you got to let it rest, that's all there is to it. Thanks for watching you'll be digging a voice.

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