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This Old Tony needs to trim his hedge.

That Have you ever seen an unmatched set of Planet gears? Is that some sort of newfangled technology with the built-in Weeble wobbles? Or is that I think as the French say that's the what crackalackin cause to the redoneable revelry of Rabbis everywhere, The Bris Omatic 9000 1100 Cuts per charge not to be used on the Sabbath mind that one wasn't mine. Our buddy this old was looking for one of these dingusloppers. you get to a certain age married man. you start losing the grip strength and get the job done.

Not to worry partner I Gotcha Start the clock a self-healing Matt hasn't lived up to its reputation. Look at this. Bought it with the money I saved. Can you believe that? 42 to all hairs got her on a coupon for 10.? whisper quiet time.

You'd be writing proper to question my provnos, but as an unconscious adherent of the seven Noah hide laws and just the tip of the other mitzvah I'm distinctly qualified. what for testing this thing out and excuse me I Just you know, you get a good tool and you just got it. Just gotta. Oh oh that no.

Ah that's that's way too fast. still just the tip. oh Jesus he was a Jewish Carpenter himself and also the case in point. why you do not with the bankers, cast them out of the temple and the next day he was dead.

Foreign baby doll's wheelhouse but strikes me as a little too quick for nefarious purposes. I ought to slow it down. that would increase The Horde yeah, that needs to be slowed down for use with the Mossad or organized crime one. On the same you say, ah, you can't make fun of yourself.

Who can you make fun of? Well, it ain't no good at all. for rope, you could do it time. I Don't know if you're catching this through the internet tubes, but this thing. it's horrifying.

It's way more intimidating than a yeah pew pew. Maybe about on par with a flamethrower. but you don't get the backpack and the diesel and the jellied fuel. Somebody come at you with this run the other way.

Yeah, yeah. The lads at the Wilt they got themselves a winner here. They got to get into Hollywood you know one of them. Disney Movies.

Product placement people. people kind to be packing these in their garter belts for self-defense Bruh: I'm cereal man, you're gonna see one of these in a horror movie, right? Quick. Fast. in a hurry? That's better.

Got a happy, friendly smile I didn't ever Lop your deck off, he's too happy. Oh, that's interesting. Look at that gear. beefy.

Before we get into this Googleness a lot of times these prosumerator the ones you're using a gardener kind of chintzy. not in this case as we see by the labels. it's nice and thick also. PP and glass fiber reinforced 30 tpe I Do not, however, see any Confederation of Rabbis labels for safe snacking.

Not that I have a conspiratorial bent in my body well beyond that one. But you know when you see some Mexican hot sauce and you're safe snacking by enjoying some Mitzvahs at the same time? Ram Mitzvah one of the 613 of them. Anyway, Well, it's kind of nice to know at least somebody's looking at that somebody's performing their rabbitical duties to make sure that you know this is all well kosher. you know, as Elapsed Misanthrope myself I I Hate people in general.

but I Love individual Well I strongly like individuals as a boring white guy I can say this, but interesting cultures of humanity I Mean what is with the hasidics and those goofy looking curls? What is with that? So I looked it up. It's called a Mitzvah and it's in the Bible God Actually, this is one of the few religions in the entire planet I Allow me some disbursement here that God actually came down and gave the Torah directly to his chosen people. That's amazing to me and one of the Mitzvahs the not a commandment, but just sort of a rule. And it's fascinating because you don't have to do all the rules you just the more Mitzvahs you do, the harder your life is and the closer you get to God So these curls these goofy looking curls I thought were goofy.

Okay, hold on, hold on. Turns out that you're not supposed to show. You're supposed to leave your beard hairs unshorn. So the reason they got the curls is because they don't want to mistake a head hair for a beard hair.

so just the air on the side of safety. they let the the close to the beard hair, they just let it grow. Frankly, that's badass. I'll let you know.

As my conversion to Judaism continues, they only took a quarter inch off, but I'm already halfway there. Somebody maybe can help me with these terminals. looks to be plated with copper or very thin moat of copper and it's got that distinct copper esque, but it's probably a nickel terminal, possibly with a if I could get you a frame it. There you go, possibly with a light dusting of copper electrode.

Interesting. Anyway, I haven't seen that kind of finish on there. I Twisted up this triaxial pair quad axial pair for the balancing circuit and the Heat and so forth into the brain boxery, no dirt, this elastic on. there must have been a sail and onto an interlock switch.

Little micro switch prevents you from actuating the trigger so as not to Lop too much of her off. ah tools and Dick jokes man tools and Dick jokes. Here's an interesting artifact of design. Uh, group think no design engineering.

Think here we have the interlock micro switch and here we have the trigger micro switch both micro switches and that's consequently why there is no speed control because there is nothing to feed back the position of this other than horn an ORF and that's why it only actuates when this is fully depressed. Doesn't go slower, doesn't go faster. There's a more interlocks on here than a Glock, but what you can see is these micro switches feed into the brain box wires all the way through. But really, if I were to do this, if I were to make this at home and you too you would wire these in series and then if one of them, if both of them are closed, then it ain't going to Chooch But in this case, the microcontroller is checking to make sure that not only this changes state but also this changes state more complexity for why Now the gearbox assembly all metal casement, die cast aluminum looks like a nice die casting as well.

Well, that's a flywheel is what that is. So that's the flywheel housing. Aha to help you along, feeds through a gearbox. That's interesting.

Oh wow. So they've got location pins in there, but they don't go through holes. They go through slots so you can actually pull it off. That's interesting.

I've not seen that before. Normally you see the pins I don't even know if you're yeah, you're in frame. Hey, wonders never cease. Normally that would lock right in.

but I Guess what you're relying on here is the location of these screws so it can't Weeble wobble around axially. Yeah, for ease of assembly, there's a motor. nothing special. brushed DC motor flat bladed impellers, steel or is.

yeah, some sort of Steel magnetic flux ring around the perimeter, some nylon six six adhered or fastened from the inside to the front of the motor housing. a little pinion gear thrust washer Bob's your auntie? Whoa. Fascinating. Okay, here's the casement.

Now normally in a drill motor, we see these are in stages. That's because we want different gear ratios so we get speed reductions. In this case, we only want the one torque you Lots that appears to be two-stage Well, fine, yeah. two stage and then inputs into a spiral bevel gear set which outputs on a quite beefy pinion.

That pinion runs on the segment gear. just the segment and a Chooch is to and fro. a reason it can do that because there's a neodylium magnet in there what actuates on a hall effect sensor. This hall effect sensor as the magnet wipes past it, it changes well.

The hall effect sensor detects that changing magnetic fields sends that to the brain box and the Brain box says oh, I'm at the end of travel oh I got to go back to the start of travel. Hey, we're going to get her back together, see if she's a for dolly or in this case that for this old Tony Hey, don't judge. We'll get her back together all right I Want to tell you a story about I was well while I get it back together. Not long into our marriage I got into the Second World War as men of a certain age or want to do.

The thing is, baby Doll is a student of human suffering. that's probably why she married me, but she was also very interested in the trials and tribulations of people who had been through my thousand and and Auschwitz and you know it really fascinated her. that horrible stage of human history of course the Holocaust Well, that even that word is a very loaded word because if you look up the entomology of Holocaust, it's quite. uh, disconcerting.

what? I don't know who decided to call it the Holocaust etymology Man, people mix that up really bug me far for me to judge. It's not not part of the purview of this one, but we we were researching and I was into this Golem idea the Golem of Czech Republic Prague. So we had gone to the Jewish cemetery in Prague and it's a history. it's a UNESCO site.

it's amazing. but here's my bias showing. we get to the door and I pay our 15 euros to get in for the the each of us and then the men get set aside and we have to wear head coverings of course I wasn't wearing a ball cap or anything because yeah, I'm in Europe You don't dress like a toddler in Europe You can do that in your home country, not in other countries. So I was properly tired with button up and the wife was properly attired as well.

You know we're conscientious about that sort of thing. They make me pay for a Yarmacult y a blue chintzy, crappy Yamaka printed emblazoned with the Jewish Museum and all that sort of stuff on there and I thought to myself I think it was almost five euros at the time. quite dear I thought to myself for what it was I thought to myself wow this is a bad look chuckle to myself. but okay, go through the museum and see all the all the things there are to see and do a little solemnity together and and think about The Human Condition but at least I have a souvenir what I paid for and I wore and in this Yamaka get to the end where you're going out while the son of a bleach is the they make you give back to Yamaka.

Well they're not going to reuse them, they're just cheap paper. Why would you take it back I Want to take it home with me as a souvenir? can't But I paid for it. No, you rented it. Oh this is I'm telling you I don't like the look of this at all.

and then years later I come to realize unfortunately the world we live in they have to do that because if it's not deer then it gets disrespected and it gets thrown around. So then the cleaning up the thing. But then if they don't take it back at the end of the shift, if they don't take it back at the end of the tour, then they're going to end up all over town laying in the streets and that is not acceptable. So now I understand that a little thoughtfulness goes a long way.

I Guess look at this. I can't get her back together? Look at that planet gear. Leave a wobbling on that PIN I Think that's the wrong gear? What? Duh! That? Have you ever seen an unmatched set of Planet gears? Is that some sort of newfangled technology with the built-in Weeble wobbles? Or is that I think as the French say that's the look at that? A clue? How many of those around here? but see the mark that round mark on the thrust bearing where only the one planet gear has been touching. That is not right.

What the bloody hell that was an L joke. If you know you know the opinions the wrong way and it's not a it's a wrong gear since we've already desecrated the Prime Directive talking about Judaism on YouTube No, no using it, taking it something something, we're gonna try it. It's an interesting mechanism so I want to see what it looks? Um, oh hmm. Now let's go to test it because it has to be timed apparently.

Oh, and you also have to be smarter than the tool There we go. So it auto times. It's interesting how it flip-flops that is. It opens, it closes, and it opens automatically.

I Wonder if that's dangerous or safe? That's doing something you're not commanded. Interesting I Would think that they would have had to study that quite closely as to whether or not it should open and close. Or just close and then open on a different actuation. You know have a toggle trigger because in this embodiment, it's doing an automagic function.

Ah I think you're pretty safe. You get your Dingus caught on this side of it. Anyway, back together, we'll give her a test. Oh, once again, for the second time we're going to test.

The route ain't got no sticks. What do you think? they grow on trees? I do have the free stirring sticks that you get from the homeless desk spot. They're free because you buy a cart full of crap on your corporate account. Don't pay for six months.

Don't mind if I don't one two three four. Ah Holy. learning. Close careful, We're listeningly.

If you squint your eyes hard enough, you can't see anything at all. Holy Jesus This thing's a bloody Terror I Thought that was the Dead one son of a This thing's a bloody fast you got to kind of commit. Ugh. There you have it.

the Brissomatic 9000. This thing's a killer machine. Unfortunately for the follow. What put this together with the wrong gear? Well, his kidneys will go to a good home I'm sure.

Spanks for watching. Keep your dick out of this thing.

By AvvE

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    109 countries weren't wrong.

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    Ahh DeWalt(DeForest) "Bushwacker"!
    CIA investigators "operating" (bushwacking) in Ukraine earlier ordered a few, houndred of these for gardening their new "livingroom" areas close to Krim

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    I'd rather put my junk in that thing than get married or have kids. Until no-fault divorce laws are gone – I simply refuse to play the rigged game. Monk mode 4 life.

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    We come closer to the WH40k universe everyday.

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    Why does this even exist?

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    How well can it quarter a chicken after you choke it?

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    Got tired of your rambling on about topics I have no interest in. I had to stop watching. Would have been nice to find out where you were going with the Dewalt yellow nightmare, but too much b.s. in between. You appear to be technically knowledgeable, but needless talk just too much.

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    Based. Thank you

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    Your jokes about Christ are not funny

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